Audio Recording – Revitalize 2014

So many great speakers at Revitalize this year, some of them allowed us to record and share their message others did not, but we have made several of them available for you. Take some time and listen to some great information presented by amazing people!.



RawVitalize Banquet 

Our incredible Nutritious wholefood predominately raw banquet! Is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Experience what living foods rich in natural enzymes, prepared with love feels like. RAW-vitalize is a time to celebrate and indulge in healthy and decant foods. We’re having a served Gala dinner and our menu is designed by a local Celebrity Chef Kristen Fraser. Indulge in elegant foods that are custom designed to nourish your body. Everyone thinks Raw food has to be boring, dull salads, and snacking on veggies, or else smoothies and juices. You couldn’t be more wrong, Gourmet Raw foods have more flavour, more nutrition, and is anything but boring!

Revitalize 2014 – Menu

Truffula Cashew Chesse Cucumber Boats

Cucumber boats were filled with TRUFFULA CASHEW CHEESE made by Allison Landine in Edmonton. Sold in Red Deer at Purearth Organics: 

Sage Lemon Cream Parsnip Pasta
(Click Photo for Recipe)


Sage Lemon Cream Parsnip Pasta. This recipe was inspired by my favourite restaurant: PURE FOOD AND WINE! where my dreams came true to work in the kitchen. 

Vanilla Cream Mini Cake
(Click Photo for Recipe)

There’s something powerful about tasting a dairy free vanilla cream cake on a raw chocolate pecan crust drizzled with fresh raspberry sauce that always gets people excited

Amazing Personal Testimonials – Revitalize 2014

We heard from many people with great stories, These ones stood out.

Hagen VonConruhds

Hagen got up on stage and walked us through his recovery from ALS also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. He was given only 6 months to live and that was 12 years ago. He attended an Avena meeting which filled him with hope and desire to do what ever it would take. He is alive & loving life! His Testimonial is feature in Avena’s documentary  which is not available, make sure your get yourself a copy today! “A NEW LIFE”

David Gaynor

David recounted his rough history, and poor decisions compiling to a life shattering moment he was told he had a Testicular Tumor. Deciding to fight back he went 100% raw living foods, embraced Enzymes and Probiotic’s,  within 104 days, which was his second ultrasound the scans showed no tumor or scar tissue. His medical doctor was shock and impressed! David is now teaching and sharing these principles to everyone who is interested in listening. He delivered an amazing testimony!

Revitalize 2014 – Movie Night

A New Life Documentary


Avena was very excited to share this 33min documentary – A New Life

Spring of 2014 – Kameron Tarry from Avena Originals set out on a mission to document and capture some amazing stories from people who have been honestly applying the amazing philosophy Avena teaches. Watch and you will hear each and every person talka bout how they are reversing the aging process and most are healthier at 50,60, 70 than they were in their 20’s! This is their story, What will yours be!

Buy your copy today!

Limited Quantities available

33mins, DVD NTSC, Copyright Avena Originals



Revitalize 2014 – Photo Gallery