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  • Are your Products Organic?
    Certified Organic is a term used to ensure that our food is grown without the use of herbicides, pesticides, or Genetically Modified seeds. Recently there have been many pesticides and herbicides added to the approved “Organic” list, meaning that the term Certified Organic is really only protecting you from genetically modified foods. Avena Originals meets and often exceeds the requirements of Certified Organic by performing these checks independently. We take into consideration the natural bacteria, minerals, and enzyme levels in the soil; NO pesticides or herbicides, NO Genetically Modified foods, NO premature harvesting, No Radiations - giving you real live foods the way nature intended them to be! Check out our Commitment To Quality.
  • Are your Products GMO-Free?
    GMO (Genetically modified organism) is the result of a laboratory process, where an organism's genetic material has been altered. Avena Originals meets and often exceeds the requirements to ensure that our products are GMO-free.
  • What Can I Expect While Using the Avena Originals Supplements?
    CHANGE! It is important to understand that an effective product will bring change. If you take a supplement and nothing changes for the better or for the worse, what benefit does it contain? None! Avena Original products, if used correctly and faithfully, will bring change. Often situations have to become unbalanced before the body can make any kind of improvement. This unbalancing is often called a ‘Healing Crisis'.
  • What is a Healing Crisis?
    A Healing Crisis is part of the healing process and basically, means things have to sometimes get worse before they can get better! The important thing to understand is that the body is adjusting to the resulting changes; these changes are always a positive process! We must trust in our body's knowledge and its own ability to regenerate.
  • Is there a Diet to go Along With the Supplements?
    Avena believes that disease is the result of the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. In order for us to take our bodies from a survival mode into a healing mode, we must stop doing what has caused the problem. Our diets can be the #1 cause of our symptoms of diseases. Avena recommends an 80/20 rule – 80% Fresh and Raw and only 20% cooked foods. This approach will make a huge difference in the effects of Avena's product line.
  • Will any of the products interfere with my medication?
    We must remember that Avena products are whole food products! As long as your medication is safe to consume with food, there should be no conflict. However, if concerned you should always consult with your doctor. Avoid using the Herb Cocktail within 1 hr of any medication, as it is possible the medication could get trapped in the Gel and prevent it from working properly.
  • How long should I use the Herb Cocktail?
    We are eating, drinking, and breathing toxins daily. Avena's Herb Cocktail was designed to be a Lifestyle Product – it was formulated considering the need to detoxify our bodies every day. The average 40yr old male will take anywhere from 1-2 years to completely cleanse his intestinal tract. I know it seems like a long time, but we must consider the 40 years of build up and how long it took to get to that toxic point.
  • Is it possible for the Herb Cocktail to alter the value of the Avena's Proteolytic Probiotics and gut flora?

    Detoxifying with the Herb Cocktail and changing your diet will affect the balance of good and bad bacteria, which will fluctuate as your diet adjusts. The Herb Cocktail aids elimination by breaking down the impactions of undigested food and by assisting peristaltic action to reinforce the muscle in the large intestine. We advise using this herbal cleanser on an empty stomach at least an hour away from food, medications, and whole food supplements. The primary reason we suggest this is that, by nature, the Herb Cocktail forms into a gel and works its way through the digestive tract by pulling and absorbing toxins from the bowels. When this process occurs, it takes an hour to work through and leave the gut. Once the gel form has passed, you can resume taking the Proteolytic Probiotic’s to increase the balance of good bacteria. By taking Proteolytic Probiotic’s an hour after your Herb Cocktail, you allow time for the bacteria to multiply in your digestive system and make its way into the villi where the bacteria will begin working on fighting against the so-called bad bacteria.

    If the Herb Cocktail and Proteolytic Probiotic’s are taken together, the combination can reduce the benefit of the Proteolytic Probiotic’s because the gel formation of the Herbal Cocktail will absorb some of the bacteria. But there is no similar concern when Proteolytic Probiotic’s is taken separately. The ideal time to use your Proteolytic Probiotic is just before bed when there will be a period of uninterrupted fasting; during this time bacteria can strengthen the immune system and gut flora without having to compete with newly-ingested nutrients and bacteria). Give your probiotic the time it needs to multiply and work in your intestinal system.
  • How do I know if I am having proper bowel movements?

    There is NO accurate answer to this question, but here are some guidelines we suggest you look for:

    • 1' foot long, 2/3rd's the size of your wrist, solid light brown in colour.
    • Your Stool Should Float
    • Should hardly dirty the tissue
    • Should not have a strong smell
    • Nature's Law - 1 meal in, 1 meal out - A Bowel Movement for each and every meal you eat!
    • Lacking in any of these areas are indications of improper bowel function - Avena's Herb Cocktail is an excellent start to proper bowel Management.
  • Are There Different Types of Enzymes?

    YES, the three (3) sources of enzymes you will find in the market are Pancreatic, Plant Extracted, and Plant Cultured Enzymes.

    PANCREATIC: Pancreatic Enzymes will only fire-up in pH of 7.8 – 8.3. You will never find any person with health challenges with a pH of 7.8 – 8.3. Usually, their pH is under 7, which is an unsuitable acidic state. Also, a human stomach Ph is under 6.0 which make pancreatic enzymes unsuitable for digestion.

    PLANT EXTRACTED: These enzymes are usually extracted from Pineapple and/or Papaya and because their enzymes were intended to be digested, they function in the much wider pH of 2 to 12, which is within the range of every human being–sick or healthy. Unfortunately, the extraction process usually involves chemical reactions, thus sacrificing a large amount of the enzymes' potential activity. Also as soon as the plant has been harvested (at its ripest condition so the enzymes are at their most active state) the biodegradation cycle starts, where the plant's enzymes begin breaking down the plant. Another reason why so much of the potential can be lost in standard plant-extracted enzymes.

    PLANT CULTURED ENZYMES: Avena's cultured enzymes will fire-up in a range of pH between 2 – 12, which is within the pH of any human, even with health challenges. These enzymes are grown on a plant source in an enzyme rich controlled environment much like a greenhouse, where they can be monitored for enzyme growth and potential while the plant grows. Once the enzymes reach their peak potential they are extracted using a patented technology, leaving us with 100% Pure Enzymes, without losing any potential activity. The result, you have one of the most potent, highest-activity-level enzymes available today.

  • Will Supplementing with Enzymes, Affect my Natural Enzyme Production?
    Avena Originals Enzymes are cultured from plants, thus these exact enzymes were originally found in every fruit and vegetable we ever ate. It would not make sense that eating these natural enzymes from fruits & vegetables would in some way prevent our own bodies from producing metabolic enzymes. Recent information has shown that the liver requires amino acids to produce over 3000 metabolic enzymes! Without plant enzymes in our diet, we will have a very difficult time getting the amino acids required to produce our metabolic enzymes. So the answer is really opposite to the original question, by NOT supplementing with plant-based enzymes you are preventing proper digestion which prevents your body from being able to produce its necessary metabolic enzymes.
  • How is Avena's Proteolytic Probiotic Different from other Probiotics?
    Avena Proteolytic Probiotic L. Acidophilus DDS-1 is a patented product. US Patent & Trademark. The patent relates to a biologically pure strain of Lactobacillus Acidophilus which has proteolytic, antiviral, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-tumoral characteristics and uses. What makes the Proteolytic Probiotic special from other supplements with L. Acidophilus? Avena's L. Acidophilus DDS-1 has the ability to digest proteins giving it a new world of uses when compared to the standard Lactase (sugar) digesting bacterias. Because the Proteolytic Probiotic can digest protein, it can break down and assimilate the impacted matter in your intestinal tract, attack Bacteria & Fungi, and even attack and destroy viruses. Now there is something you can do when you get a cold or flu! To look a step further, Proteolytic Probiotic can break down other abnormal protein structures like tumours. This probiotic is not like any other you have ever used before!
  • Does our Stomach Acid Kill the Friendly Bacteria?

    Avena Originals Proteolytic Probiotic is a patented product which states as one of its claims:

    • Avena's L. Acidophilus DDS-1 will survive in the Human Gastrointestinal Tract.
    • Heat, Acid & Bile Stable
    • Nature provides these essential bacteria in the colostrum of breast milk, so it was designed to travel through the stomach acid and into the intestinal tract without being damaged.
  • Does Proteolytic Probiotic Have to be Refrigerated?
    Proteolytic Probiotic contains L. Acidophilus DDS-1. This bacteria is known to be stable in ambient temperatures of 23 degrees Celsius for up to 2 years. Still, your refrigerator is the very best place for it. So keep it there when you can, but don't be afraid to travel with it!
  • You have a new product the RP3, and a similar product the E-Fusion. What are the differences between these products? Why would I choose one over the other, or should I take both?

    First off, great question! What each of these two has in common (really all of our products) is the absolute commitment to product quality and integrity. Both are 100% raw and unprocessed with no extra additives, fillers, chemicals or solvents. Simply put, they’re just pure products of nature. Designed and crafted with the intention of increasing your quality of life—for the better! Our E-Fusion is a dynamic product that is designed to enhance your overall healthy lifestyle. Basically, it’s full of a little bit of everything to top up what you might be missing in your routine. This product is rich in anti-oxidants, so many we couldn’t put them all on the label – we’d run out of room. These will give you an amazing boost while at the same time providing just that little extra bit of proteins, vitamins and minerals.

    When you consider our newest product the RP3 there is a noticeable change. Where the E-Fusion is about ‘across the board’ nutrition, with our RP3 we have focused on protein. This is amazingly a powerhouse when it comes to protein, loaded with enough that everyone will be happy. Plus, the RP3 comes in a variety of flavours, so you can find the one that best serves your palette or dietary desires. Oh, don’t worry the protein in this blend isn’t just for those bodybuilders and weekend warriors. Protein is great for all muscles yes. But, don’t forget your heart and bowel are muscles you need to feed them too. As well protein is fundamental for the production of hormones; great for those who have hormonal issues can benefit from RP3.

    All in all to live a healthy life we need a balance in our protein intake as well as all other nutrients. Both the E-Fusion and RP3 deliver, but they do so for different reasons. If you can’t decide to try both – you can even mix them together.


  • Why Haven't I Heard of Avena Originals?

    Avena Originals does not advertise. We understand that high-quality products require proper knowledge and information to validate the product and price differences. The best way to do this is through word of mouth! So by using a unique Reward Program, we can pay you, our customers, the same advertising costs that most companies invest in advertising. We can do this by you sharing with your friends and family the power of the products that will make a difference in their health.

    Unlike most network marketing companies, the management of Avena Originals has recognised the need to sustain a controlled growth. Many companies have come and gone - in some cases due to the exponential growth which was not sustainable. Avena Originals is product driven – not financial driven. Our goal is to make a difference, one person at a time. If you meet someone that has used our products – you will see and hear about Avena Originals – and how it has changed their life!

  • What Does Avena Mean?
    The Word “Avena” Means ‘Wild Oats and Grasses Gathered From Around the World', and is used often to describe truly natural foods untouched by man or modified in any way. This term suits Avena's product line and is a great replacement for the incomplete and unsuitable term “Certified Organic”
  • What Makes Avena Originals ORIGINAL?
    Avena is Original because Avena believes that the original genius of Nature cannot be duplicated. Avena Technicians have learned how to combine the essential gifts of Nature. Carried from the prolific growing regions of the globe – to you - your Avena experience is original each and every time. Nature perfected the sunrise. After a million day-breaks - each dawn is a spectacular, refreshing original. We have lost this expectation for the products we use because we thought we could out-think Nature. We accepted the hum-drum wasteland of synthetic and chemical left-over's. Avena presents to you Nature in all her sunrise splendour and perfection. Nature – with nothing added – nothing taken away. We have available, maybe for the first time on our planet, Electrically Available® Natural Nutritional Supplements that are the leading edge of scientific knowledge. Electrically Available® means that the ingredients of each product are selected, graded, mixed, and formulated taking into account the unique electrical matrix of each individual component of the plants (i.e. the way the neutrons and protons form the atomic structure). This method of formulation is used for all of the natural supplements of Avena Originals.
  • How Fresh are Avena Originals Supplements?
    Avena Originals supplements just might be the freshest supplements on the market. Avena Originals takes several steps to ensure the freshness of their supplements as: We do not stock large amounts of inventory that would be stocked for long periods of time. Because of this, you may experience certain items out of stock from time to time. In most of our whole food products, the raw ingredients are not gathered until after we place our order with the manufacturers. Using CO-Enzyme™ & O2 Factor ™ enhancements, we can maintain freshness and quality.
  • Where does Avena Originals get the Raw Materials From?
    First, the finest botanical masterpieces of nature are gathered from the prolific growing regions of the globe and combined to develop Avena Originals formulas. Next, a painstaking program is established to identify the best plant specimens in the world. These are carefully gathered and protected to preserve the plants full potential. The re-creative components are extracted without destroying their rejuvenating activity. The result – beautiful hair, more energy, exquisite taste, and all the ways Nature provides for each day to be original.
  • Why are the Products so Expensive?
    Avena Originals strives to provide you with the highest quality of supplements available. We do not use fillers or unnecessary herbs to bring down the cost of a product, as it also brings down the quality. Avena Originals looks deeper than just the quality of their ingredients, looking into providing synergistic formulations, applying the principles of Electrical Nutrition ™, because of this level of attention into the smallest details, Avena Originals can ensure we are providing the highest absorption, utilization, and effective products possible. Remember – the most expensive products are Products that don't work!
  • Why Should I Become a Member?
    Avena Originals Membership program has many benefits. Use of our toll-free order line Receive important information about Healing and Health monthly Opportunity to benefit from Avena Originals Group Volume Rebate program through which you could receive rebates from all your purchases and your referrals to offset your product purchases.
  • How Do I Become a Member?
    Becoming an Avena Originals Member has never been easier. Simply add a Membership to your shopping cart. All Memberships are valid for 1 full year from purchase date and renewable on that ‘anniversary' date.
  • What is Avena Originals Return Policy?
    ‘Feel Better, We Guarantee It!' If after using an Avena Originals product, you determine that it is unsatisfactory, you may return it or any unused portion within the first 30 days to Avena Originals. Note: Avena reserves the right to refuse a refund in the case of abuse of this policy such as for products purchased and totally consumed before refund requested. Contact us for more details - 1(800)207-2239
  • What is G.V.R.?
    G.V.R. stands for Group Volume Rebate. This amazing opportunity gives every member of Avena Originals the ability to supply their own nutritional needs with little or no out-of-pocket costs. Imagine all of our supplements for free by qualifying to receive rebates from the volume of purchases from your entire member organisation! It is possible! Read More…
  • Is Avena Originals A Canadian Company?
    YES, Avena Originals originated in Alberta, Canada, and still, today has its Head Office operations in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada with warehouse facilities in Washington State for our USA customers.
  • Is Avena Originals a Public Traded Company?
    No – Avena Originals is a privately owned Nutritional Distribution Company.
  • What has been the Growth of Avena Originals?
    Avena Originals has been able to maintain a steady but manageable growth rate, ensuring that its growth does not exceed the infrastructure in place. Avena Originals has enjoyed steady growth every month for the past twelve years and continues monthly to exceed previous sales records.

  • I'm Already a Member! Why Can't I Log in?
    Current Members with Avena Originals will need to register online at ( )Once registered (it may take 1-2 days before your Membership can be confirmed) you will be able to log in. The Web site will show any previous online orders and all features included with your membership.
  • I Have Forgotten my Password, What Can I Do?
    You may have your Password emailed to the email address you first used to register with Avena Originals.
  • How Safe is my Personal Information on this Website?
    Avena Originals takes your privacy seriously and to heart! We ensure all information obtained from you is never sold, rented, distributed, nor shared in any form. Our Website is Thawte Security Certificate which Encrypts all your important data at 128 bit, This is the same level of protection the Banks use to transmit their money and data around the world.
  • What is a Store Front?
    Avena Originals StoreFront is a page dedicated to you! You choose the information, and the images displayed. This allows you to benefit from referring friends, family, potential customers to Avena Originals website. By using your storefront we track all the visitors coming to our website through your storefront, which ensures you receive credit for any new potential sales.
  • How Do I get my own Store Front?
    Acquiring an Avena Originals Store has never been easier! Just Upgrade today to a professional membership status, every professional membership Includes a storefront. As soon as your Professional Membership is approved you will be able to access your storefront.
  • Do I have to use the default URL?
    NO, Avena Originals Store Front feature is compatible with Domain Names, If you already own a domain name or would like to use a domain name instead of the default URL ( Visit our storefront section to learn how.
  • What can I write on my storefront?
    Let your creativity soar! Use your imagination. You are welcome to use any text you wish - although Avena does have a banned word list. You are not allowed to swear or make any claims regarding products.