Referral Rewards

Avena Originals invites everyone to take part in earning FREE Products
through our Referral Rewards Program!

This referral program builds a professional relationship through our product driven rewards, giving Avena Originals members the ability to earn 20%-30% from any referrals. Share the benefits of our Natural Health Products, and earn a reward for spreading the great news!

30% Referral Rewards

Fast Start Program

Earn 30% for all referrals you make for the first 30 days of your membership. Really get off to a fast start with Avena’s Fast Start Program. Designed to reward those ambitious individuals who really want to be active in their first 30 days by referring others seeking to claim their health.


1st 30 days of a new membership, with a qualifying product purchase of $99.00

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20% Referral Rewards

Earn 20% from your referrals, this is calculated from the product selling price and rewarded monthly.


Must have a membership and have qualified your membership with a minimum $99.00 product purchase the previous month

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  1. Receive 20% in rewards from all of your referrals purchases

Let's Look at a Small Example:

You referred 1 friend who purchased 1 Herb Cocktail Capsules:

  1. Herb Cocktail Capsule costs $52.00 CDN
  2. You receive 20% from all referred purchases
  3. You just earned $10.40 by referring just 1 customer who only purchased 1 Herb Cocktail!

Now, Let's Look at a Larger Example:

You referred 5 friends who each purchased the 30 Day Empowerment

  1. The 30 Day Empowerment is $499.95 CDN
  2. You receive 20% of the available rebate
  3. You just earned $99.99 from each friend
  4. Total earned was $499.95 in your first month - now that's EXCITING! Imagine what you could do with your health now!

10% Business Partner Rewards

Avena Originals loves the opportunity to partner with like minded people, Together we can make a postive impact on the health of mankind.

Know anyone in the natural health industry?

  • Health Food Stores
  • Therapists
  • Nutritionists
  • Practitioners

Anyone in the this field that would be interested in combining their knowledge with Avena Originals amazing tools. You could be rewarded for making that connection with Avena Originals!
Earn 10% reward from every purchase made by any of these business partners, it is a smaller reward but based on a much larger volume.


Must have a membership and have qualified your membership with a minimum $99.00 product purchase the previous month.

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Group Volume Profit Shares

If the total purchase volume of all your referrals, including all of your referrals referrals reach a certain volume you will receive a percentage of that value, this rebate is calculated monthly, and rewarded monthly with your rewards. HelloHello

$1,500.00 1% OF VOLUME ( $15.00-$150.00 )
$15,000.00 1.25% OF THE VOLUME ( $187.50-$625.00 )
$50,000.00 1.35% OF THE VOLUME ( $675.00-$1,350.00 )
$100,000.00 1.5% OF THE VOLUME ( $1,500.00-$2,500.00 )
$200,000.00 1.75 % OF THE VOLUME ( $3,500.00-$5,250.00 )
$300,000.00 + 2.00% OF THE VOLUME ( $6,000.00-NO MAX )

This program is designed to be fair, and effective for everyone. To ensure this is used properly and not abused, there are a few rules based around these referral rewards.

1) False Accounts - any member found creating factious names & accounts or anyone found using children, pets or anything with the intentions of abusing the program, will have their membership fortified and all rewards compensated.

2) Placing personal orders under referred accounts is abuse is against our Terms of Service, as a result, customers can only use their own accounts to purchase products, with the following exceptions.

  • Orders placed for others must be shipped to their address and/or
  • Orders must be paid for by the account holder, special circumstances may be considered.

3) You must make a minimum purchase of $99.00 the prior month to be qualified to earn these rebates.

4) Memberships are the customers responsibility, If you missed rewards due to letting your membership expire, Avena Originals is nor responsible for any lose rewards.

5) After 90 days of your member expiring, your referrals will roll up to your referrer. This keeps the active members together and rewards everyone who is involved.

6) All Avena labeled products are eligible in this rewards program, any products or services offered outside of our labeled products do not apply. Items such as the Salt Grinder, Green Star Juicer, Bellicon Rebounder, Dehydrators or any product not manufactured by Avena Originals.

7) Lost rewards can not be retro paid, or recovered after a member has missed their opportunity.

8) Avena provides free protective services for our members, Both of these can assist you in never missing a reward.

  • Auto Insurance Order - Protects your account in the unlikely case you miss qualifying.
  • Auto Ship Order - Keeps your account qualified every month by auto placing monthly orders.

9) These rules and regulations may be updated, modified, and amended. Please visit for the latest and most accurate version of these Terms Of Service.