The Avena Lifestyle

Avena Originals believes that every disease condition can be improved (in many cases permanently reversed) when you know how to activate the tremendous regenerating force that is within you. How? By Eliminating Toxins and Enhancing Nutrition in the way it happened before the Industrial Revolution when wholesome foods were grown locally and unadorned with petrochemicals. Vibrant health is natural. It should be simple. Keeping your body healthy doesn’t require a degree. You can take charge and make it happen. We can help.

We Recommend a Diet of 80% or more of Raw Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts & Seeds.
Reduce Stress.
Learn to let go of fear, hate or anger.
Connect with Nature, Breathe and Love Every Minute you Have.
Love, Respect and encourage others.
Health is not so complicated you would need years of schooling to understand. It is a path so easy a child could find it! Let's join together and create health around the world!

Food is the most powerful medicine

or it is the slowest form of poison, you decide?

Avena's Lifestyle focuses on 80% raw living foods, and 20% cooked foods, with great emphasis on 100% of it being clean whole foods!

Exercise for health!

So much more than fitness!

You don't have to go to the gym, but you can't sit on the couch, Your lymphatics rely on
your movement to pump through your body. Lack of exercise is the #1 reason for premature aging.

We don't stop exercising because we grow old, we grow old because we stop exercising!

A minimum of 20 min per day will do wonders for your health and happiness!

A Healing Environment

Nature has an incredible connection to our health!

Get outside and breathe the fresh air, absorb the sunlight, and ground yourself back to the earth. Spending time outside is one of the most powerful forms of resetting your bodies natural frequencies.

Try spending 20 minutes every day outside, take off your socks and walk in the grass, dirt or water.

Emotional Healing

Stress, Anxiety, Worry and Fear. These may be holding you back from healing.

Most people have experienced pain and suffering, but did you know that those emotions
are often preventing us from expressing our healthiest versions of ourselves?

Stress is one of the fastest ways
to damage our bodies from the inside.

Natural Health Products

Powerful tools to make this lifestyle possible.

UNLOCK the power of natural healing, with Avena Originals Natural Health Products. They are designed from the ground up to achieve the unthinkable with digestive health.

This Family owned Canadian Company has been teaching people how to heal themselves since 1992. Avena's strongly believes that there is no disease the human cannot recover from if given the right tools.

Claim your health today!

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