• Stop counting Calories

    IT is what your eating that is more important.

  • Iodine & Your Thyroid

    Investigating the relationship between Iodine and your thyroid.

  • Bodies Ability to Heal

    Understand how the body heals, to unlock its secrets.

  • Electrolytes

    Understanding the important electrolytes play in your daily health. Try our Electrolyte recipe today!

  • Enzymes - What are they?

    Understanding one of the most powerful resources in whole foods.

  • Trace Nutrients

    What are your trace nutrients, and why are they really important to manage?

  • Lympathic System

    The human body is designed to move and you're likely not getting enough.

  • Bio-Available Proteins

    The Difference between cooked animal proteins and phyto plant proteins.

  • Electrical Nutrition

    What makes Avena Originals so Original?

  • Foods That Harm

    Understanding food labels and the toxic food ingredients.

  • Our Microbiome

    What is going on in your gut?

  • Allergies - Can they be cured?

    Information has been around for more than 100 years pointing to the cause of allergies.

  • Solving the Cholesterol Question

    Cholesterol is under review, it may no longer be associated with heart disease?

  • Infections - Fight Back!

    Understanding infections and your immune system, You can fight back!

  • Do you know Avena?

    Who are we? What do we stand for? Why are we here!


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