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A New Life - Documentary

This is THEIR story – what will yours be?

Do you love the Avena Products?

Do you love hearing amazing recoveries from near death diseases?

You will LOVE "A New Life"

This is the story of people who didn’t, and wouldn’t give up when faced with insurmountable odds. Through health challenges and body struggles, to people who just want to get as much as possible from their bodies. Hear directly from them how Avena changed their lives, and now they are living A NEW LIFE. 

They are living a life that is free from their previous restraints; one full of life, energy, vibrancy and HEALTH. It is possible! You don’t have to be ‘sick’ to take control of your life and reclaim your health. Why wait?

DVD - NTSC - 33mins - Approved for all ages.

A New Life


Wanetta Beal: Used to be overweight and suffer from Bi-Polar Disorder and Depression

Grai Beal: Pushing his body to its physical limits, surpassing people half his age in athleticism

Hagen VonConhruds: Overcame his battle with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)

Kim Hartlin: A man who’s travelled the world and discovered the power of the human body

Darren Berrecloth: One of the top ranked Freeride Mountain Bikers, he’s also one of the ‘oldest’

Christina Paganelli: Was diagnosed with Lung Cancer while pregnant, and later Thyroid Cancer

Laura Bentley: A woman who wanted to take control of her health and supercharge her health

Bill Faulkner: Medical system was on the verge of removing his prostrate, when he heard about Avena. 

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