A Story of Misery, Loss of Mobility and Frustration

Losing ones ability to move or walk freely is a difficult realization to come to.

It was fall 2008 when I felt like I had rolled my ankle and thought nothing of it, little did I know that was the beginning of a dark journey into the world of a Parasite infection.

My rolled ankle began to feel like I sprained my ankle, but instead of healing, it continued to get worse to the point where my foot was so sore and inflamed I couldn’t put much pressure on it. Exploring what could be the cause of this discomfort and progressing issue, I linked it to gout as it was on my toes, feet and ankles. I went on an alkalizing diet, cleansed the blood and Enzymes which I know work amazing for gout!

Nothing helped, it was spreading up to my knee and then into my other foot. It has progressed to the point where I could not walk for the first half of the day.

At this Rate, I expected to be in a wheelchair in a few weeks.

Nobody was making the connection to Parasites! Not naturopaths, not the medical system, nor nutritionists. I was out of control spiralling downwards losing my mobility and nobody had any hope. Feeling desperate, confused and miserable I kept searching. When I was speaking with Michael O’Brien one fo the mentors in my life he mentioned something nobody else had brought up “Parasites”

A few clues started to make sense

  1. It was worse in the morning and best in the evening (Backwards to most diseases)
  2. It was spreading like a virus or bacteria, even though it was not
  3. The spreading was kept to my extremities

It was like a light bulb went off. It all makes sense and it is about the only thing I have not accounted for! My first day I did something that would scare most people – I took 75 capsules of Para-Ease and over 10 droppers full of Black Walnut Tincture. The bottle said to take 4 capsules! The tincture said 3 drops. I was ready for a detox like nothing anyone had ever experienced before! I was suffering so much and if this was parasites they HAD TO GO NOW! 

Within 3 days most of my pain was gone, any discomfort I had caused such high levels of anti-parasitic herbs was not even noticed due to the sheer excitement of finding something that worked. It took me close to six months of parasite cleansing before I was clear and free of this infection, but I felt great during the entire 6 months. I credit this to the Herb Cocktail, Probiotics and Enzymes for allowing the body to go through this detox easily

I now understand the power parasites have to mimic almost every disease out there, and the absolute importance of being proactive against parasites.

My honest recommendation is for everyone to do 90 days of parasite cleansing every year as a preventative process you never know what a small amount of them could be causing in your body!