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Herb Cocktail will now be known as HC cleanse due to a recent change in Health Canada regulations preventing the word Cocktail be associated with any natural health product. 

"With an estimated 98% of all disease originating in the colon, your best line of defense against disease is through the regular and daily elimination of harmful toxins. "

This synergistic detoxification product works naturally with your body to rebuild healthy eliminations. Avena’s Herb Cocktail works in 3 stages inside the bowel to promote complete restoration.

223Stage 1: Forming into a gel, it absorbs undigested foods and toxins from your entire body trapping and eliminating them.
Stage 2: Herb Cocktail effectively breaks down impacted waste on intestinal walls, even mucoid plaque.
Stage 3: Using the natural pressure of the gel, it encourages and exercises peristaltic action, helping to restore the healthy movement of your intestines. 

More than a cleanser, it helps improve and repair bowel function by encouraging and exercising proper peristalsis. Gentle enough for children, yet effective enough for all ages.

Try it today; it’s one of our most popular nutritional products.

 Directions: Mix 2 teaspoons into 8oz of fresh squeezed orange juice, shake or blend until smooth, drink immediately.

SYMPTOMS of a toxic colon: headaches, gas, bloating, mal-absorption issues, poor appetite, low back pain, foul breath, body odor, constipation, diarrhea, weight challenges, weakened immunity, lack of energy, depression, mood swings, sciatica, psoriasis, eczema, & extended belly.

WEBINAR (25min)
Discussing why it is the #1 selling product for more than 25 years.

Michael O'Brien - Causes of Bowel Toxemia

Kameron Tarry - Decoding Detoxification

100% Natural Ingredients: 
Psyllium Husk, Peppermint, Cascara Sagrada, Siberian Ginseng, Hibiscus, & Corn Silk.  

Avena Commitment to Quality.

  • No Toxic Fillers
  • No Binders
  • No Extenders
  • No Excipients
  • No Preservatives
  • No Heavy Metals


  • No Stimulants
  • No Gluten
  • No Soy
  • No Lactose
  • No Animal Derivatives
  • No Microbes or Fungi
  • No Chemicals or Solvents
  • No Harmful Substances
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • No Sugars

WEBINAR (25min) Discussing why it is the #1 selling product for more than 25 years.

Q. How long should I use this for?
A. We would recommend you continue to use Herb Cocktail until you can support healthy bowel eliminations on just good diet alone. Having one for each meal you ingest, or minimum of 3 per day.

Q. How does this work?
A. Avena's Herb Cocktail works inside the bowel to promote complete evacuation. Forming into a gel, it absorbs undigested foods and effectively breaks down impacted stools on intestinal walls. More than a cleanser, it helps improve bowel function by encouraging and exercising proper peristalsis. Our most dynamic formulation, Herb Cocktail cleans deep without harsh stimulation for a safe and gentle cleanse. It improves bowel function to support healthy elimination.

Q. Is this safe of pregnant Woman?
A. We do NOT recommend pregnant woman or nursing mothers partake of any form of detoxification unless absolutely nessecary, The child will act like a filter and absorb the increased toxicity while detoxing. It is best detox before your pregnant or after your done nursing. 

Q. I heard Cascara Sagarda is addictive?
A. 1. Herb Cocktail is Electrically formulated, without getting overly technical this means that the individual characteristics of the Cascara Sagrada are combined with the other ingredients to create a new ingredient, each contributing to the overall experience. The Herb Cocktail does not act or behave like Cascara Sagrada in any way, shape, or form. I do not recommend people use Cascara Sagrada with IBS, but I do highly recommend people use the Herb Cocktail while experiencing IBS. It is safe, gentle, and very effective not only with cleaning but also healing.


 2. The Herb Cocktail forms into a unique gel that draws and pulls toxins from all aspects of the body, because of this behavior everything is drawn into the Gel, and nothing is pulled out of the gel. So people do not absorb any of the Cascara Sagrada, or other ingredients. Giving it a very gentle, and safe use for all sorts of intestinal dysfunctions. Also keep in mind the level of Cascara Sagrada is very small and would not be enough to cause any discomfort for majority of people.


Q. Can Children use this?
A. Children facing constipation or diahrea can consider use of the Herb Cocktail, Use a body mass equivalent, If the child weighs half of a adult man, use half the suggested dosage.  Use short term and increase raw vegetables and natural whole food fibres.

Q. What diet changes should I make while using the Herb Cocktail
A. We would advise to remove gluten and flour from your diet during a cleanse, especially with the Herb Cocktail, A Gel mixed with flour is not good news for your bowel. If you do have to consume gluten and Flour products, try to separate your Herb Cocktail as far apart as possible.

Q. Will I Experience excess bowel movements?
A. It is very unlikely that you will experience diarrhea, as the product turns into a gel. You may find that it even rectifies diarrhea.

Q.What should I expect?
A. While taking the Herb Cocktail, you can expect an increase in bowel movements, and possible detox symptoms.

Q.What are some detox symptoms I may experience while taking this product?
A. Some possible detox symptoms are headaches, fatigue, gas, bloating, dehydration, and Abdominal discomfort.

Q.How long does it take to cleanse?
A.This will vary greatly due to diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors. A person should aim to cleanse for at least 90 days and reassess their body at that time. A standard recommendation is to cleanse a full month for every year you have consumed a Standard American Diet(SAD).

Q. Why does the Herb Cocktail have a different colour than the last bottle I had?
A. Color variances are very common with 100% whole foods, but that it doesn't effect the product quality. The Herb Cocktail contains a flower called hibiscus, which changes color in every season and region.

Q. Is there a difference between the capsule and powder form?
A. There is a difference in the cost, as you are getting twice as much in the powder form, than you are in the capsules. The rate of effectiveness is also greater in the powder, due to the formation of the gel beginning through the process of combining the powder and the liquid content together. Where as taking the capsules, the production of the gel does not start until the capsules reach the digestive tract.This is why the powder may seem more effective.

Q.Can it be taken with food or supplements?
A. This product is not suggested to be taking with food or any other supplements, as the gel will absorb everything that is present in the intestinal tract, which may decrease the effectiveness of the supplements. We recommend taking the Herb Cocktail either one hour before consuming foods, or two hours after.

Q. What is a healthy bowel movement? 
A. The answer to this could change with everyone advice, But consider the following as an logical idea. You should have 3 or more movements per day, they should be 2/3rds the size of your wrist, they should be 1' long or the distance between your wrist and elbow, they should be solid consistency, light brown colour, they should float or slowly sink, they should not smell very bad or leave much on the tissue.

After each meal, your body should have an elimination. So if you eat three meals a day, you should have three bowel movements a day. If you eat three meals each day, but only have one or two bowel movements, your second and third meals are backing up in your colon, causing auto-intoxication or self-poisoning.

“I have more energy than I have had for the last ten years. I feel great, no more spasms, no more diarrhea, no more symptoms of Fibromyalgia, or anything. I have my
life back. I take my Herb Cocktail faithfully and I will never quit. I do not want to go back to the way I was. I’m going forward, not backwards, and I love it! Thank you Avena Originals. I hope everybody will try Avena Originals so they can enjoy their life to the fullest!” - Wanda E., Moose Jaw, SK

Famous Quote:
Dr Harvey Kellog of Battle Creek, MI, stated of the 22,000 operations he personally oversaw not 1 patient had a normal or healthy colon. Of the 100,000 performed under his jurisdiction not over 6% were normal.

Research materials:
​​ Evidence for Bowel Toxemia - An Enescapable phenominion (165 Major medical centers confirm majority of disease starts in the bowel)

WEBINAR (25min) Discussing why it is the #1 selling product for more than 25 years.




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Cindi Leighton - Life Changing

We have an eight-year-old son, who had been diagnosed with ADHD and could not sit still!

He struggled with school work, reading, and sitting for long car rides, which left the people in his life frustrated with him and the situation. Finally, we had a consult with Kameron at Avena Originals; he suggested focusing on his diet, and so we removed food dyes, processed sugar, and wheat. Kameron also suggested some key tools from Avena, one of them was E-Fusion and was a game changer for us!

Lori Prince - Written Off As Dead
I was bedridden for almost 3 1/2 years. Medical doctors wrote me off and diagnosed me with chronic fatigue. They told me I would have to live within my energy capabilities. I was adamant that something was wrong. How do you go from a healthy person, an avid soccer player whose team was training for world cup soccer, working a full-time job plus getting called out at night to do fire investigations. I had a very busy work and social life. It all came to a screeching halt after coming down with a bad respiratory infection that moved to my heart.
Dorian Van Rijsselberge

GOLD Medalist in London & Rio | Windsurfing RSX.

I used the Avena Originals incredible products during my training for the Olympics and they blew my mind away! These were game changers for me and I am sure a huge part of my GOLD medals!

Everyone should be using this! If they are not they are stupid, like serious this will change your life! My two favourite products are the RP3 Proteins & Pin Magnesium, It is almost like having super powers!

Darren Berrecloth *BearClaw*
You don't have to degenerate because of your age Your body is an amazing machine and if you take care of it it will take care of you! I am a slope style free rider and I take on the toughest terrain in the world. MY health and my body is my livelihood, Using Avena Originals was a NO BRAINER when I wanted the best out there! The differences I have seen in my health and the health of my family is incredible, I am often left confused on how many people take their health for granted.

With Avena I am now healing faster than I ever have, which in my world is everything!

Kim Hartlin - Extreme Expedition Guide

Avena Originals has something really special
I am in my 60's and I row inflatables 11hrs per day and then hit the gym for 3 hours every evening. I am like a freight train and unstoppable. I run circles around my son's and every other guide I work with. None of this would be possible without Avena's Products.

I am so blessed to be able to use Avena Originals to keep me strong and healthy while I guide people down the largest rivers in India and up into the remote parts of the mountains! Thank You Avena

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