Pancreatic Cancer is in my past.

In January of last year my wife and I were directing schools for pastors in Haiti.  On January 7th I woke up all yellow.  My wife and I had just learned of an American clinic staffed by some of the best medical people in the US and Canada.  They did a few tests and tried an x-ray and a cat-scan but neither worked.

One of the doctors had a portable ultrasound and they discovered many gallstones by my liver.  Later a liver specialist came in and finding out I was a Canadian he just said: “Go home.”

My yellow colour and my big stomach was all the evidence he needed for his diagnosis.  But because I had been on Avena for one year all my vital signs were good.

We still had 6 weeks of work to do in Haiti and also had tickets for a conference in Boston so we decided to stay in Port au Prince. We promised one of the doctors we would have a check in Providence near Boston where he had trained and there the Hospital confirmed that I had Pancreatic Cancer. I lived on Herb CocktailEnzymes, E-FusionElectric C and Probiotics.  We were trying raw and organic but in Haiti organic was hard to find.   Our best food was big tree-ripened mangos.  Everything else was picked green in Florida or Mexico and sent to Haiti.  After 7 weeks 2 of our daughters flew from Kelowna to take us home.

The night we were to leave Haiti it was Carnival and people were shooting in the air and our plane did not land.  This put all our connections off and at every airport, our daughter Celia had to work at getting the best flight home.  I remember being so cold because I was now so skinny that I shook for an hour in the Dallas Airport.  Finally, we got home and into the KGH.  They put a stint from my gallbladder to let the bile flow and then they drained 18 litres from my abdomen.

They wanted me to go to the cancer clinic and get chemo & radiation.

I told the doctor I would be okay.

I said that Ev and I still had a big vision and we had just survived being buried in an earthquake one year before so I was sure I could beat this little bump in the road.  The doctor said to my wife and my daughters that my time was very short and that I must get my affairs in order quickly.  Then they let me go home.

The Bible says “By knowledge the just are delivered”.  I knew:  without a vision people perish (Proverbs 29:18.  We had a vision. It also says, “He took sickness out of the midst of me (Exodus 23:25).    By His stripes I was healed”(1 Peter 2:24).  God said in Psalm 91 “With long life will I satisfy you”.   I knew I shall not die but live (Ps 118:17).  God created by speaking, in the same way I put life into my spirit by speaking the Word of God out loud.  I learned to speak to my infirmity continually.  When a symptom came I would order it to go in Jesus name.  When I felt weak I said, “I am strong” according to God’s Word.

In Is. 41:21 God says to us, “Bring forth your strong reasons, says the Lord”.  God is saying, “How do you really think? Do you think like I think?  The Bible says and we teach that Jesus took sickness on the cross, so if He took it, I cannot have it!  I knew that if I could believe it and conceive it (see myself healed) I could receive it.  This is what we call truth.  Truth is what God says to us in the Bible.  I was fully aware that God really loved me and was 100% for me, Rom. 8:31,32

Then there are facts or symptoms.  I was weak and near death, but facts are subject to change.  So it is with our healing.  We were healed at the cross when Jesus took our infirmity but the symptoms come, yet are designed to go.  But they only will go when we stick with the program and do not let unbelief come into our hearts.

The cure is in the cause.

For my whole life I had been eating wrong food: pork, sugar, white flour, dairy products.  I had to change this.  Even in Haiti for my soups I usually started with Ramen noodle base.  I found out since that this is deadly.  We increased our Avena Originals Products like EnzymesHerb CocktailElectric CE-FusionProbiotics. We went 100% raw living foods, The cure was in the cause (The wrong food I had eaten had to go).  Two months later we discovered juicing.  We also took lemons, apple cider vinegar and ginger root with honey. I increased my water intake.   My family rallied around and searched the internet for good meal ideas and my dear wife was the greatest coach.  A good friend also made me treats made from nuts and grains.

The blood tests showed that the cancer was almost gone.

I believed the truth that I was healed but the symptoms were still there but they did not grow.  I stopped losing weight, I felt stronger but one day I got an infection and ended up in the hospital (6 days of antibiotics) Anti-life.  Once again they said I would not live.  This was November 20 and it was cold in Kelowna. Ev and I had booked tickets to Hawaii for Dec 6, weak as I was we got on the plane with lots of Avena and we had another order sent from Avena to Hawaii.

We settled in and I rested and my strength returned in the sunshine. I climbed uphill 2 blocks every day. I started gaining about 2 pounds each week and now I have gained back almost 30 of the 60 pounds I lost.  My strength and vitality have returned and I am looking forward to a great summer and a long life.

I give thanks to Jesus, my wife, my kids and Avena Originals for a lifestyle I now enjoy.

Thank you for being good listeners.