The Vitamin Supreme has many beauty vitamins such as Vitamin A, E and B3, and Biotin also included are the required minerals for the uptake of these vitamins; minerals like Sulphur and Selenium. If you want to go above and beyond add our pure mineral product to boost even more into your lifestyle. Vitamins and minerals are both needed for beautiful skin. Avena’s Vitamin Supreme and Minerals are great skin boosters.


Avena has two products that are revolutionary the Electric C (antioxidants) and the Superfood (alkalizing greens). The less stress there is on the liver and kidneys the easier and more efficient they will be able to cleanse and remove waste via the urine. To keep the kidneys and urine area flowing properly it’s a great idea to have an alkalized body and plenty of antioxidants to scour the blood and help the cleansing process.


E-Fusion is one product Avena carries that’s a fantastic to support the lungs, which has abundant sources of naturally occurring vitamin E and plenty of B vitamins as well! Recent studies have shown that 300 IUs of natural vitamin E per day may reduce lung cancer risk by 61%.  B Vitamins are also a major player in lung health, with emphasis on B2, B6, Folate, Niacin and B12.


To ensure that they don’t stagnate and hinder the body there are a pair of products that work well in tandem; the Herb Cocktail and Proteolytic Probiotics. Removing waste and toxins from the bowels is one of the bodies’ chief functions. Each of these products works to help reduce the waste and build up within the bowel and encourage proper bowel function. If you’re ‘backed up’ the rest of your body is surely feeling the pressure.