I was born and raised in Saskatchewan in the 1940’s and at that time the standard everyday diet was meat, potatoes and dessert – prepared deliciously by my mother. I always felt lethargic and clogged up.

About 15 years ago I developed a foot fungus on the bottom of my feet and I endured this for years. Nothing helped to get rid of it until I met a live-cell analyst who told me I indeed did have fungus in my system. I was told that a Type A like myself should be on a raw food diet, that I was not digesting my food. I ordered Avena’s powdered digestive enzymes and took the whole container in less than a week. My feet cleared up immediately, but I still had a bowel issue to deal with–a leaky gut and all the problems that go with that.

Kameron from Avena Originals suggested that the condition resulted from fungus like yeast that had burrowed into the lining of my bowel. He suggested that I take a Probiotics and RP3 protein powder to rebuild the bowel and I did that along with Avena’s Herbal CocktailElectric C, and a product called Bioxy Cleanse.

I am grateful for the positive results that I enjoy everyday as a result of using Avena Originals products.