90-Day Journey to Evicting Tiny Trespassers

Stage 1 – Lifestyle: Pick a time that fits your schedule, a time when you can be close to home for awhile. We highly suggest that all members of the household also partake in the cleanse as it is probable that all members have exposure to the same pathogens. Don’t forget in some instances pets can be susceptible too; take them to your local vet to have them checked out as well. Set yourself up to start at a time when you have time and don’t have plenty of engagements or travel booked.

Stage 2 – Diet: Parasites and other pathogens thrive off of undigested food, so sticking to clean and healthy choices are your best bet. Keep the 80/20 rule in mind (80% fresh, raw & unprocessed—20% cooked or treated)

It is also highly recommended that you remove all animal meats and by-products during a parasite cleanse. Since one of the highest food-based sources of infection comes from commercial animals, it is best to avoid these during a cleanse.

Consume Natural Parasite fighting foods. Like:

Stage 3 – Natural Health Products:

Avena Originals Anti Parasitic Program utilizes 4 key products.

1) PARA-EASE – first product that is designed for parasite detoxification is the Para-Ease. The carefully-blended herbs and other ingredients in this product strongly offend parasites, creating an environment inside the body that discourages them. This product doesn’t just target one type of parasite – the formulation is the key to creating an atmosphere to remove many forms of parasites.

Here are the specific herbs and ingredients Para-Ease contains: Turmeric Root, Goldenseal Root, Black Walnut Hull, Clove Flower Bud, Garlic Bulb, Turkish Rhubarb Root, Wormwood Leaf & Stem, Pumpkin Seed, Barberry Bark, Butternut Bark, Sweet Fennel Seed, Phytase, Cellulase, Lipase, Protease, and Alpha-amylase.

Para-Ease will drive parasites out of tissues, muscles, glands and organs, into the intestinal tract at which point is only half the battle. Getting them out of your body is the second part.

2) Herb Cocktail – This is the reason why Avena Originals Herb Cocktail is so important to be combined with the program, it traps all the dead and dying parasites in its unique gel formula and pulls them out of the body.

Avena’s Herb Cocktail is the main herbal formula in assisting in proper bowel movements – it is essential in removing any blockages in the large intestine. Herb Cocktail forms a unique gel that draws and pulls toxins from all aspects of the body, because of this behaviour everything is drawn into the gel, and nothing is pulled out. More than a cleanser, it helps improve bowel function by encouraging and exercising proper peristalsis. Our most dynamic formulation, Herb Cocktail cleans deeply without harsh stimulation for a safe and gentle cleanse.

3) Enhanced Digestive Enzymes – Help break down your meals into complete liquids so that the stomach acids can do their jobs properly and destroy and parasites in your foods.

Enzymes are a very active player in parasite treatment as well as parasite prevention.  Plus, Protease a protein-digesting enzyme also breaks down single-celled organisms (like some parasites), a great tool for your arsenal. Use Enzymes with each meal combined with in-between each meal for a highly optimized enzyme protocol that will ensure the best results.

4) Proteolytic Probiotics – These incredibly powerful probiotics help reestablish ownership of your intestinal tract. Creating an environment where parasites cannot thrive and maintain themselves.

This blend is unique in many ways and is able to achieve results many probiotics can not, due to the powerful DDS-1 Strain, combined with no maltodextrin or sugars. Rest assured you’re using the very best of probiotics.


Parasite Cleanse Kit

A time-tested and proven method for assisting the body in the removal of parasites from our bodies. Avena Originals is the leader in working with whole food, natural remedies you can apply yourself. Available in 30 or 90-day supplies. Avena Originals strongly encourages a parasite to cleanse for 90 days.

Kit starts at $199.95

Avena’s Vice-president used this program when he was almost crippled by parasites with amazing results. Read the full story here Kameron’s Parasite Story

With Avena’s Parasite Cleanse Programs you will receive the following supplies:

  1. Para Ease 320 Capsules
  2. Herb Cocktail 280g (2 – 225 Capsules substitute)
  3. Enhanced Digestive Enzymes 180 caps
  4. Proteolytic Probiotic 120 caps
  5. Written instructions for using the products together
  6. Lifestyle advice, foods to avoid, and food to incorporate