Winter Updates!!

Salt Change

You may have noticed that our Pristine Salt is now PINK! We've recently changed the source of our salt. Previously we had sea salt harvested from the ocean. Now though it's much harder. If you've followed our Sea Salt journey, we've gone from sources in France (Celtic), to the Caribbean, then Brazil, and lastly in Australia. Each time our sources switched locations NOT because the quality of the salt was deteriorating but rather, that too many undesirables were being found in the salt (benzine from oil/gas, pollution, plastics,etc.). 

That leads us to the tough choice of switching away from a sea salt and onto a land based rock salt. There are differences between the two. Primarily the main minerals found in each. In sea salt there is natural iodine, with rock mineral salt you're getting more iron. While we're sad to see the sea salt leave our product line up, we know that this new salt is just as good! We hope you like it as much as we do.

Product Updates


Our Superfood is now gone. No longer in production and off our shelves. You may still find a few here and there in the wild, but no more from us. We're hard at work to bring in the next version of a high greens product for you, but we want to take our time and ensure that the quality will meet our standards. 

Rp3 New flavor: 

Not too much news here, we're still in the planning stages, trying to perfect the blend and combination. But once we get that done, look out.