In the older medical practices it was very common for the Doctors to ask about your bowel movements while looking for answers to what is happening in your health. Today that practice is all but obsolete, based only on practitioners avoiding the hard conversation and focusing more on medications.

Avena Originals’ Herb Cocktail is the most incredible tool you have access to that can help solve almost every abnormal movement you see on the chart on the left of this page.

95% of the people reading this do not have 3 ideal movements per day, but they could! If they changed their diets, and embraced Avena’s  tools like Herb Cocktail, Enzymes, & Probiotics.

What are you waiting for?

 Ready to make a change?

Try the following suggestions for 30 days and you will see a difference I promise you!

  1. Remove Wheat/Gluten, Dairy, & processed Meat.
  2. Herb Cocktail twice a day on an empty stomach.
  3. Probiotics 5 capsules -1 hr after the Herb Cocktail.
  4. Enzymes 5 capsules with meals and on an empty stomach
  5. Drink more WATER!


Love the new energy and better movements!