I have enjoyed the comical side of nutrition today!

But seriously let’s take a look at food, and the animal kingdom?

I watch pet owners feed their dogs table scraps, and low and behold the dog develops the same disease’s the humans eating that food would!
Growing up I never heard of dogs having Diabetes or Arthritis before? How is this possible?!? The health care system leads us to believe the health we experience today has no direction relationship to the foods we are eating. All common logic I have begs to argue these statements. Kids fed poor diets composed of large amounts of cooked, refined and processed foods tend to develop more serious disease’s earlier in life.

Did you know:

  1. Kids are having heart attacks as teenagers?
  2. We no longer have Juvenile Diabetes?
  3. Pre-Teens have developed Arthritis ?
  4. Teenage obesity rates are at staggering new heights?


Another way of spinning this idea!

What if the tables were turned and humans were the pets of a higher species? Say we were endangered species and on display in the very best zoo’s in the world. What would they feed us?

Seriously what do you think they would feed us?

  1. McDonalds?
  2. Slurpee’s?
  3. Sugar loaded drinks or soda pops?
  4. Cooked refined foods?
  5. Food like products loaded with dyes, colouring’s and chemical preservatives.


Or maybe just maybe they would do some homework and see what types of foods our species thrives on!

  1. Raw nutrient rich foods!
  2. Raw unbinded protein sources
  3. Fresh living fruits and veggies
  4. Fresh clean drinking water


I think it is clear by now what is happening, if you have taken the time to think about the deeper issues at stake and some of the humor carrying a hidden message this video provides.

We need to take care of ourselves like we would an endangered species, feeding it food it thrives on and not food that leads to obesity, disease, sluggishness, and an overall feeling of fatigue.

I could see the animals making this same video laughing about what would happen if humans ate fast food! It would be a comedy that was really a documentary!