We all have heard of Probiotics and that we should take them, but there is a difference between types. Here is a list of reasons we feel you should be using a Proteolytic Probiotic.

#1 – Essential for Digestion and Absorption of your food

With so many issues, diseases, and conditions starting from indigestion of nutrients turning toxic in our intestinal system, assisting in preventing this should be everyone utmost concern. While we known enzymes break down our food and prepare it for digestion, Bacteria is what is essential digesting your food. If you are missing key bacteria levels to assist in this process you will be missing out on life-giving nutrients and create intestinal toxemia’s. ProteolyticProbiotics digest sugars and proteins, far exceeding most other probiotics.

#2 – Anti Bacterial

Unlike most probiotic’s we are using key important strains that have been proven to be Anti Bacterial, this means they will hunt, seek out and digest the harmful organisms that may be living in your body. Studies have also shown they play well together, not interacting with the other positive bacteria but increasing all probiotic strengths and abilities.

#3 – Anti Viral

There are very few things that have the ability to seek out and digest virus’s, this is why a good doctor should tell you to go home, get plenty of rest, and support your immune system to fight of the infection. What if you have a probiotic that would help not only enhance your immune system but digest these virus infections, your recovery time would greatly improve! The key is on preventing, with a proteolytic probiotic your natural immunity will be far greater and with chances of catching the virus in the first place.

#4 – Candida

High levels of yeast, also called Candida are emerging as a serious issue, some reports put it as high as 80% of the population struggles and deals with excess levels of yeast in their bodies. This is often the causes for our cravings for bread, sweets, pasta’s etc. Proteolytic Probiotics can reduce the levels of yeast without increasing cravings like most Candida programs.

#5 – Anti Tumoral

Having a bacteria that can help fight abnormal tumour growth in your body is an incredible claim, The L. Acidophilous DD-1 has been shown to be very effective in shrinking tumour sizes.

#6 – Preventing Disease

With the understanding that 95% of all disease starts in the bowels, by serious toxins created by the purification of proteins. Introducing a bacteria that can prevent and stop the putification process could have a drastic positive effect on the quality and quantity of life!

#7 – Improve your immune system

With exciting studies being completed that show how healthy bacteria set up what they call schools, and teach your White T Cells information on negative bacteria, fungus, viruses. This improves the natural immune system function by becoming more aware and better equipped to deal with the bugs we face every day.

#8 – Fights obesity & improves metabolism

North America is growing larger every year, and we are talking about the average waistline, with foods becoming harder and harder to digest and assimilate.  So many of us try to eat well but struggle due to poor metabolism and improper eating habits, adding Proteolytic Probiotics to each meal as well as before bed can make large improvements in digestion, absorption, and help correct metabolism making it easier than ever to lose the weight and cleanse your system.

#9 – Converts waste into nutrients

Imagine a machine that could take your garage and convert it into something essential for life? Proteolytic Probiotics do just that! They take undigested foods, impacting on your intestinal walls and convert it into essential vitamins that fuel your body! We would encourage everyone to participate in this process it reduces the waste and purification in your intestines, at the same time increases vitamin levels for improved health!

#10 – Supports other positive bacteria while limiting growth of negative

Contains a new approach to prebiotics, With so much negative information out there about prebiotics and F.O.S. one should stay informed, Maltodextrin which is the common and most often used prebiotic is a simple sugar derived from corn. It has been shown to support the growth of bacteria, unfortunately, it has been shown to support both the good and bad bacteria. Instead of removing an FOS from a probiotic you should look for a better source. Jerusalem Artichoke is a whole food F.O.S. that has been shown to support the growth of the good bacteria without feeding or supporting the negative bacteria!

Interesting Fact! 

The word “antibiotic” literally means “against life”
(anti=against and bios=life)
Whereas, the word “probiotic” literally means
“ pro-life ” or “in favour of life”!

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