A living example of what chemical poisoning looks like.

My journey began early in 2012 I was introduced to Avena as a healthy supplement.

At the time I was also on a weight loss program that metabolized the burning of the fat in the body to give you more energy and lose weight.  There was no reaction in the beginning but after a month I had lost some weight; it seemed to be working.

Dental work triggered the storm

I had been scheduled to go on a mission trip to Mexico in August. Before I left, I had to have some dental work done.  I was going to have  a root canal to the back molar. One of the requirements was to start taking antibiotics to reduce the chance infection and I followed the instruction.

Shortly after the root canal the back of my knees started to go red and then it started to spread to the side of my leg (as in the pictures).  I inquired with the medical doctor at the health clinic and was given Moxiclyen; that is when everything got worse. It engulfed my foot, legs, waist and up to my underarms.

Frustrated with my Doctor

I went back to the clinic and the Doctor said that they could change the antibiotic.  I was upset with the Doctor and told him that I know why they are called general practitioners; it is because all they do is practice and do not get rid of the problem. The Doctor had gotten upset and so I left the clinic.

The next step in my journey was to go to a Homeopathic  Doctor and he requested that I have some testing done and have a biopsy to see what was happening.  Once the biopsy results came back I followed up with the Homeopathic  Doctor.  The results held no answer;  So no name means no treatment.

It’s Getting Worse

Meanwhile, the redness had gotten worse.  It was now time to go on the trip to Mexico.  As I was not well I had to cancel one week before. I was in so much discomfort I literally wanted to scream!

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

It was at this time I attended the Avena Conference.  Once it was over we had gotten a chance to speak with them and so I took the opportunity to show them my leg and get their opinions on this.  That night I also attended the banquet and received the opportunity to hear many testimonials of other people and how they had survived Cancer and other ailments.  I began to notice a common theme emerging from this.  People were taking mega doses of enzymes and using the rebounder to regain their health.  I ended up taking a lot of these things home with me that day and began my journey.

Heavy Metal Testing

I decided to get tested for heavy metal poisoning and when the results came back the news was not good.  The Doctor told me I was a walking dead man. My Antimony (a chemical element) was many times higher than normal levels and so was Lead, Mercury, Cadium, Beryllium and many other heavy metals.  I have worked at a machine shop that rebuilds parts with spray welding babbets and lead tungsten, so I have been exposed to many different metals throughout the years.

The next thing  I had been advised to do is Colon Hydrotherapy.  It had taken eight sessions to remove all the impacted fecal matter in my colon and five more to completely flush out my system.  These pictures were taken at the fifth or sixth session mark and the redness in my skin was worse.  It had now progressed all over my body with a deep red colour and became burning hot and itchy.  Soon my skin started to peel like really bad dandruff.  I began to wash with a soft veggie brush all over my body and in one day I could fill a coffee cup with dead skin.  This continued for nearly a month.  I changed my diet to live foods with lots of water brushing.  Followed by Chelation Therapy which is a medical procedure that involves chelating agents to remove heavy metals from the body.  That Therapy was a hit to my body.   After several weeks my skin started to become less red and eventually back to normal.

Sherlock Holmes Moment

My ‘Sherlock Holmes’ conclusion of my journey is that the antibiotics I took, in the beginning, killed off all the intestinal bacteria.  The weight loss program causes the fat in my body to release all the heavy metals into the body. Thus leading to an overload on my liver and kidneys, and causing me to turn red. It was a super toxic mix and the only way my body could get rid of all those heavy metals was to push it into my skin causing me to peel.  It was my body’s way of trying to heal itself.

The Colon Hydrotherapy removed the toxins from my bowel and at that same time I was taking Avena’s Herb Cocktail Colon Cleanse, Proteolytic Probiotics and the Digestive Enzymes.  When I brushed the skin off with the soft veggie brush 3-4 times a day it cause my skin to heal faster because it made my body replace the skin regularly causing more blood to flow to my skin releasing heavier.

The Chelation Therapy I did for over a year and had gone from new heavy metal testing.  The results came back as high on carbide and Beryllium, all the others were down.   So in response to this news, I started taking Cellulase and E-Fusion.

What Life Looks Like Today

Today I am almost on a total live food diet and have gone from 245 lbs to being steady for two years at 185 lbs.   I now feel better and have good muscle tone.

In conclusion, I have been to hell and back again and I would like to thank Avena Originals for all the advice I received and all the lectures.  With him I was able to regain my health using the Avena products, exercise, clearing my mind and changing the way I think.  Along my journey, I followed Andy Andrews (an American author of self-help/advice books), Tony Robbins (an American motivational speaker, personal finance instructor, and self-help author)and Darren Hardy (is an American author, keynote speaker, and advisor).  These advisors helped me with my attitudes, thoughts and behaviours and showed me how to improve them.  Now my thinking and attitude towards healthy living has completely changed and I am healthier and happier than ever.

Wesley Newman, Edmonton, AB