Over the past year, Avena has been working very hard to achieve the impossible, a better quality product at an even better price!

We changed manufacture facilities, upgrading the equipment, and bringing on passionate new coworkers with a similar love for quality products and health in mind.

2013 started out on a sad note with Avena dealing with the escalating prices and expenses in every direction resulting in the increase of prices to many of the products we all love. Prior to that  Avena had not raised a single product price since 2008 and was the only nutritional company we knew of that had not changed the prices each year like our competitors. It became our goal; to find a way somehow, somewhere, bring those prices back down again. We explored countless options and idea’s going in many directions and often ending up in the same place. Everyone on the task of achieving this felt it would be impossible, this is the way it has to be.

So how did we achieve our goal?

We had to look at it from a whole new perspective. What if we redesigned our whole process from the ground up.  So, that is exactly what we did. Avena has now merged the USA & CDN Company together. This, in turn, decreased expenses and increased our buying power  (the larger quantity we could then purchase leads to better pricing). We upgraded our manufacturing facility to newer equipment and a stream lined the process.  We found like minded passionate people to work with that really wanted to help people more than anything else.

Avena can now say that we have better prices on most of our products today than we have ever had in the last 10 years!  How many companies can claim that?

Avena is so excited to offer a truly remarkable product unlike anything else in the industry at a phenomenal price!