Solution to Winter Blues

"This cooler winter and darker days are really getting to me. Are there extra things I can do over this season to help lift my mood?"

The winter blues are absolutely a real thing so great question. Sorry you're feeling a little morose, but the good news is there are many 'little' ways that you can boost your mood and some are sure to help you!

Check your diet. Poor diet and not getting key nutrients is a recipe for lackluster mood during any season. You'll especially want to include many trace minerals, regular minerals and vitamins into your daily routine. I like adding something from the ocean, sea salt is getting hard to find, so try a dulse or kelp flakes on your food. Raw and fresh veggies are going to give the greatest source of these materials so get as many of them as you can. 

MOVE. Movement and exercise have a beautiful relationship with mood. Getting some extra steps and walking will help, but taking dedicated time each day, or a few days a week will have a remarkable impact on your mood and outlook. The hardest part is getting started. Herbs and foods, there are some specific herbs and foods that have been shown to improve moods and outlook. Adding a bit of them can help, but try them each solo so you know which is helping because what works for you now might not work later, or for someone else.( Vitamin D, B Vitamins, Iodine, Zinc, St. John's Wort, Omega 3's, Chamomile, Lavender etc.)

Adding into the supplements and Natural Health Products, there are a few that are custom designed with mood (and sometimes hormones) all together. In our Avena lineup we have the Herbal Balance, Vitamin Supreme, Zinc, Iodine, Electric C, and Minerals. These are a few that have ties to mood/hormones. While others may touch on these second hand, these six work fairly directly. Rest and sleep are helpful to restore you energy banks and give your body relaxation and rejuvenation it requires to keep going day by day. Ensuring that you're getting enough sleep (even an extra nap) cannot go unmentioned. These are just five. There are bound to be extras that are missed. But it's and excellent place to start. They're not in any special order, so find somewhere to start and go from there. The hardest part is starting and getting the momentum in the positive direction. You can do this!