Avena Originals Sponsors The China Wall Marathon

Wanetta, Deanna, and Kelsey have decided to tackle a major bucket list item, running the Great Wall of China Marathon.

Upon deciding on this monumental endeavor, running a marathon on the Great Wall of China, these women knew that their nutritional needs would be equally as important as their training. Instantly, they thought of our products and approached us. We were absolutely honoured!



They are currently logging close to 80 – 100 km of running each week, that type of training puts a very large stress on all of the body! Each of them are impressed and have remarked on how fast their bodies are recovering, allowing them to train longer, harder, & more often.

Ultra endurance athletes like Wanetta Beal and these women require extensive nutrition, no other group of athletes subjects their bodies to the absolute limits for such long grueling hours. It is all about being able to endure the unendurable.  She has said many times there is no way she could accomplish what she does if it wasn’t for Avena Originals!

I had the awesome opportunity to meet with these girls and hear their stories. To share a little bit what their favourite supplements are for training.


Avena RP3 – Incredible all raw & vegan protein powder | Builds strong dense muscle
Enhanced Digestive Enzymes – Full spectrum systemic enzymes | Aids in recovery & inflammation
Super Digestive Enzymes – Powerful enzymes for digesting on a cellular level | Aids in recovery & inflammation
Proteolytic Probiotics – Unlike any probiotic you have ever used | Superior protein digestion
PIN Magnesium – Experience incredible absorption and utilization | Muscle Relaxing and improved blood flow
Herb Cocktail – Systemic Cleansing | Staying clean and efficient

There is a reason extreme athletes are putting their health first and choosing Avena Originals. We produce the cleanest, healthiest products on the market. We dare you to compare!