I had an absolute blast emceeing the Revitalize Conference. I called this show revitalize yourself because I wanted to share with you all the knowledge and inspiration I received from this weekend.

It all started off with Ron Garner who actually came on this show for an interview. If you’d like to listen to what he had to say that was show #156. What I like most about Ron is, he started a new career at the age of 50. He began studying, teaching and speaking about natural methods to heal the body.

Dr. Shane Johnson a Naturopathic Dr. also had a great presentation, who is local to Red Deer and owns his own clinic.

Later that evening we had a video and director presentation about GMO’s. The video is called GMO OMG, which was just as engaging as forlks over knives or food inc. Everyone should be paying attention to what’s going in our food, so this documentary would be a good start.

Starrm came on Saturday morning who offered a number of different insights all directed towards healthy living. Being mentored by Lou Corona, he had all kinds of information and knowledge to share.

Kameron Tarry later came on to talk about Toxins in food and the body, you might remember him from when he came on the show to talk about Food Like Substance.

After Kam came on Mel Tarry the President of Avena Originals talked about the company and how they were able to heal his wife from Lupus.  It was great to see Mel hang around the entire weekend, meet, greet and be present throughout the conference.


Later that evening Kristine Fraser from Inner Glow Nutrition prepared an absolutely tantalizing meal make with all raw food.

Dr. Davis, was the keynote for the weekend, author of Wheat Belly, who also joined us on a previous show right here on Exploring Mind and Body.  You can check out Dr. Davis’ show here.

And Peter Thomas Martial Artist and Hollywood stuntman ended with a pretty cool demo and presentation.

Thank You

I just want to thank the entire Avena crew for welcoming me to emcee my first conference and be a part of the weekend. And all the participants who came to support the event and were so gracious with compliments and and encouraging attitude.

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