Today I had the great pleasure of chatting with Kim Hartlin. Kim is a gentleman who makes a living exploring and guiding adventurous people through some exotic locations, specifically famous rivers. He was sharing his most recent tale of an incredible 2 week trip on the Grand Canyon River. That’s 14 full days touring on the river jam packed with very high demands.

Prior to his departure, Kim tried to estimate how much RP3 he would need for the trip knowing that this was going to be a very physically demanding undertaking. Unfortunately, he miscalculated and had to find something comparable to Avena’s RP3. This lead him to a leading gym in a town stopover where he found a personal trainer who had, by the trainers description “the best hemp protein around – that would blow his RP3 away”

So what was his verdict? To quote Kim words “that other hemp protein did absolutely nothing”.

So what was his verdict? To quote Kims words “that other hemp protein did absolutely nothing”. After taking the new hemp substitute for a few days, he felt no different than the days he was short on RP3.

This further affirms to me that under it all, it’s not about how much protein is on the label or even how much fits in the giant jar! The KEY is the absorption and utilization; if your body can not use the item it’s the same as doing or taking nothing.

Avena’s RP3 is an extremely unique in this aspect. Our RP3 so much more than just a protein powder, it delivers a higher quality source right into your cells through the synergistic combination of Protease Enzymes & Proteolytic Probiotics make this unique protein virtually 100% bioavailable to your body. This way you know you’re getting the benefit.