Dear Valued customers,

This is to inform you of the price changes to Avena’s RP3 protein powders, and the discontinuation of the sale of Avena’s Hemp Oil and Hemp Seeds.

On September 23rd, 2013, a production plant of hemp was completely destroyed by a fire. The entire facility and contents, including all the processing machinery was 100% damaged in the fire. Due to this major setback the costs associated with hemp have seen a substantial increase.

Now with organic hemp being so much in demand, prices all over the world are drastically increasing. Unfortunately, this applies to Avena’s RP3 Protein powders as well. With these price increases to the raw ingredients of Avena’s RP3 product, and with the forecast of the industry shortage lasting for a possible 1-2 years we have had to adjust our price of the RP3 Protein powders. Effective March 1st, 2014, Avena’s product – RP3 will be sold for retail $69.95 instead of $64.95. As business accounts we are informing you to change your retail price to comply with Avena’s price of $69.95. It is our commitment to you to watch the market closely and if organic hemp costs decrease we will be able to reduce our price also.

Also, due to the shortage and drastic price increases in Avena’s Hemp Oil and Hemp Seeds, Avena finds it necessary to discontinue these two products from our line of Superfoods.

For any further details please contact our management team.


Mel Tarry – President of Avena Originals