Is it time to push your RESET BUTTON?

It’s too bad we have to learn the hard way (most of the time) when it comes to our health these days. Learning to decipher between what is “GOOD” for you and “BAD” for you can be a matter a trial and error and usually it takes a few tries to actually realize that something isn’t so good for you – especially when there is so much bullshit and conflicting information out there. There has never been such confusion around what is good and what is bad for your health. How are you supposed to decide what is good for you when your M.D. is telling you to take a drug to help you with a simple skin rash and the professional athlete (that gets paid millions from huge companies like Coke and Bayer) is telling you that a “Fake Food” is actually good for you and will help you to be more awesome??? Most of the time we try to decide what’s best by listening to television ads, reading magazine ads, googling it or watching the so-called “experts” on popular TV programs that get us hooked on an answer that seems believable. They are pretty darn convincing for sure, but what else do you believe right?!
Well, I know for a fact that my great grandpa didn’t have the same difficult choices to make about his health. He didn’t really worry too much about what food or drugs he was getting. Everything just came from the garden and the farm – and most drugs didn’t even exist! Heck, I’m pretty sure he didn’t ever take a Tylenol in his life. There wasn’t such a thing as cholesterol medication or SSRI’s or Proton Pump Inhibitors. He didn’t have to worry about hydrogenated oils or MSG or Propylene Glycolit simply didn’t exist at the time.
Are we just suckers for punishment? We truly are the guinea pigs of today’s (unhealthy) modern, fast-paced western society. We are currently living very different lives and consuming very different foods and chemicals than our ancestors. We are essentially testing our ability to endure the supersonically processed foods that line the shelves of our grocery stores, the “triple triple extra large’ bohemeth coffees, massive sized soft drinks paired with a meat-mash of some-sort sandwiched between a couple pieces of sugar-loaf, washed down with the chemical slurry we call ‘energy drinks’. The ‘Western World’ uses more drugs(synthetic medications) to mask the REAL problems than any other part of the world. In the 1950′s prescription drugs were almost non-existent – now they are part of a $300 Billion per year business and are even given to children!!! Wowsers, if we can handle all of this abuse we must be tough buggersRight? ….Wrong. We are human after all and for the first time in human history, our society is trying to teach us and our children to rely on “fake foods” and pharmaceuticals to surviveWe got ourselves in a real PICKLE didn’t we!
We just happen to be the first era of humans to have ever experimented on how much chemical and toxic resilience we actually have. How long can we live on “fake foods” and chemical medications? How much reliance do we need to have on drugs before we actually admit that we are not in control of our own lives?
No matter how tough and adaptive we are – there is no way that the addictive eating behaviours for chemical filled snacks that are so powerful that they cause us to make a detour on the drive home for supper to satisfy an MSG craving at a “FAKE FOOD” restaurant – are sustainable. So how do we get out of this PICKLE we are in and go back to living healthy vibrant lives? WellPress the RESET buttonand a few other switches…

I was lucky enough to recognize my health was deteriorating several years ago and went back to the basics to make changes in my food and my lifestyle. It was a long journey for me, and I happy to say that I’ve transformed my health using digestion techniques and living an extremely upgraded lifestyle compared to 7 years ago. Now that I’ve been coaching health seekers for several years as a professional – I’ve developed some pretty darn slick strategies to help people quickly realize their situation and kick-start a lifestyle of healthier ways through a refreshing and inspirational perspective on today’s food situation and exciting nutrition programs/plans that give people a serious “RESET” button for their health


Written by:

Rick Kohut R.H.N.

Holistic Nutritionist
Digestion Specialist
Radical Farmer