Everyone knows that eating good food is healthy for you, right?

But, what if missing one key nutrient could turn that all of that positive food into something harmful?

Ideally, all wholesome food (from the garden) we eat is broken down into a liquid by its enzymes. From there it begins the journey through our gastrointestinal tract. Along the way, proteins are divided into smaller amino acids which are then absorbed and utilized within the body, along with the vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and carbohydrates. The leftover waste material from this meal is formed into a solid stool and eliminated quickly and efficiently from the body. At least, that is the way our bodies are designed to process food and nutrients!

Without enzymes in our “fresh” food, it can lead to a dangerous downward spiral for our digestive tract; if our food has diminished enzymes due to being picked off the plant for an extended period, and irradiation (The process of exposing foodstuffs to ionizing radiation to preserve our food). Our food cannot correctly liquefy in our digestive tract, so the proteins are not adequately broken into amino acids which also hinders the mineral and vitamin absorption. The quality and availability of all the nutrients are drastically diminished if, in any way, the enzymes are missing or inadequate. To most this doesn’t seem so bad, not entirely tipping the scales in a negative direction (staying almost in a neutral balance); however, the problem is, these same scales can quickly go from ‘not horrible’ to ugly…

“This begins a dangerous downward spiral; without enzymes, the food cannot properly liquefy.”

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To learn more about the importance of Enzymes – Read the book: Enzyme Nutrition, by Dr. Edward Howell