Experience Avena Originals Superfood

Avena has one SUPER product that will give you barrels full of greens in one sitting – our Superfood.
A product that is sadly not as flashy as our Enzymes, Probiotics, or our Herb Cocktail. Make no mistake though, this Superfood is powerful!

Containing a vast array of greens in condensed form, it could almost be called a Superfood (thus the name). Avena’s Superfood has ingredients that combine all the best of greens from around the globe. Including such items as: Ginkgo Biloba, Kelp, Echinacea, Irish Moss, Celery Seed, Kale leaf, Milk Thistle there and many more. The focus in Avena’s Superfood is a smorgasbord of all the beneficial greens, all condensed into one wonderful place, Electrically Formulated™ to ensure maximum absorption with little to no stress on your system. Easy to take too!

This is exactly why products like Avena’s Superfood are around. To help fill in and boost all those extra areas that are hard to obtain from everyday life. The chances we consume enough nutrition are low; even if you are eating plenty of greens, our food today just isn’t what it used to be.

It translates into the fact that our choice foods today, while tasty, may not hold the bounty of yester year.
The good news, is we can offset this through supplementation. Even the best foods such as greens, nutrient dense as they are, still require substantial quantities if you’d like to improve your health; this leads to a higher demand for consuming them in abundance through alternative ways such as supplementation.

The Power Of Greens Should Never Be Forgotten.

On their own they may not make you crave their unique flavour. The taste notwithstanding, it is critical though to have them as a staple of your diet. If you’re not eating enough then you need to find ways to get more. The power and potential of your health lies in your hands, and what you put in your mouth, literally. So reach for some greens, eat a giant salad, have a glass of green juice, and supplement with Avena’s Superfood to supercharge your body.

Find out what you’ve been missing and how much better your days could be, by simply getting your greens in. They really are the secret, yet not-so-secret gift, you can give yourself for amazing




Echinacea Root: is phenomenal for helping the body’s immune system

Kelp and Dulse: ocean greens that offer the best natural source of iodine (thyroid food)

Celery Seed: helps reduce inflammation and calm the nerves (including blood pressure)

Dandelion Root: is a wonderful bitter herb and liver tonic, used often to help neutralize chemicals

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf: is a brain boosting herb for memory, and concentration

Acerola Cherry: is a bountiful source of natural complete vitamin C

Siberian Ginseng: is an herb that helps to boost your natural energy levels and mental clarity

Kale: is known as the king of the leafy greens for a reason, it’s an incredibly potent source of nutrients

Milk Thistle: another healing herb used often to help detoxify the liver.

Enzymes: (Cellulase, Amylase, Phytase and Protease) ensuring you get the most out of this product

Pea protein: Raw protein with a rich source of amino acids to help deliver this incredible nutrient profile.

*Each ingredients meets or exceeds the qualifications to be organic, although no governing board has certified it organic.