If a organization wanted to create a negative reputation on supplements, how would they do it?

After reading a recent news report claiming supplements don’t work, or asking if supplements work, I felt inspired to share my personal opinion.

If I wanted to influence people to stop buying supplements I would do a study to achieve my own desired result, this is what it would look like.

1. I would use the hardest tablet form possible

By using hard tablets, absorption rates are slower and harder to uptake, meaning less of that product would actually be absorbed into my blood stream. If it does not make it in your blood stream, it won’t work and will be practically useless!

2. I would use a isolated ingredient

Top internationalists have being encouraging people to avoid isolated ingredients for years! We know this is not natural and the body does not metabolize or use them efficiently. So by using this it is likely my opinion would be supported.

3. I would use a Multi or single Vitamin

There is plenty of research showing how vitamins are on the bottom of the scale,  how for your body to even use that vitamin it needs a mineral, that minerals requires an amino acid, which comes from protein only if it was broken down with an enzyme. So a isolated Multi Vitamin is least likely to do any good.

4. I would select subjects that have mal-absorption issue’s

By using these types of people it is even less likely that they will uptake any of them, and more likely my point will be proven. Using patients with these problems already set will further support the goal of the study.

5. I would choose the lowest priced vitamins. 

By selecting poor ingredients, can create lower absorption and effectively rates in the vitamins. These will result in lower uptakes – the less of the vitamins the person has access to, the least likely they could do any good within the body.

6. I would flavour and colour them to be more appealing.

Adding to this the potentially toxic colours and additives, subjects could potentially react to the vitamins causing illness and not wellness. Again, furthering my wanted outcome of poor results with ‘supplements’.

7. I would then take these findings and claim that ALL Supplements are the same as my study.

By doing this I can influence everyone to think that this study applies to the supplements they are using!

What if this was true for the following accusations:

  • I studied the worst fuel efficient car, and claimed EVERY car is horrible on gas
  • I tested the cheapest & worst battery I could find, so ALL batteries are useless
  • I met a Canadian that was rude, ignorant and disrespectful, so I dislike ALL Canadians
  • One apple from the tree was rotten, so ALL apples from the tree must be rotten

I know these sound ridiculous, but honestly it is as ridiculous as many of these studies are.


What about Avena’s Natural Health Products

Avena’s Whole Food Natural health products are about as far away from industry supplements as humanly possible.

We are working with whole foods, you would be hard pressed to find a creditable study suggesting quality foods don’t work at improving your health.

  1. We are whole food products
  2. No isolation, or isolated ingredients
  3. We use powders, not hard pressed tablets
  4. All of our products contain the full chain of nutrients, Enzymes, Proteins, Minerals, Vitamins.
  5. We are providing real nutrition with the convenience, rather than engineered supplements THAT DON’T WORK

I personally agree that majority of traditional supplements on the market Don’t work and are not a good investment. It is the consumers responsibility to educate themselves on what makes sense and what does not.

True and False Question:

  • Eating Natural Health Products rich in enzymes, proteins, minerals & vitamins, maintained from their whole food, Will not be of any benefit to my system. (TRUE  or FALSE)
  • Consuming a isolated vitamin, produced in a chemistry lab, hard pressed into a tablet and bonded with many industry additives to make it last forever show dramatic improvements to my health (TRUE or FALSE)

Let the results speak for themselves – True Story

Funny story, but I recently spoke with a woman who had starting Avena’s 30 Day Challenge, she said she was doing amazing, everything was improving here energy was way up, better concentration, memory, no more pains , losing weight. She had a schedule checkup and the doctor and commented on her improvements and asked what she had been doing, after sharing what she had done, the doctor told her that these products were useless and she was wasting her money. She followed her doctors advice like many of us do, and had called me to return some of her unopened products. After returning it she called back 3 months later complaining of all the old problems returning.

Does this make any sense to you? If you are getting the results you want, let that be the proof you need!

My two cents

If these studies were conducted using high quality natural, pure and clean products, as the results would be drastically different! It is my opinion that these studies are not done to truthfully obtain the effectiveness of Natural Health Products, but rather to support and predetermined outcome to further support a pharmaceutical based treatment plan than a preventative health.

Written by: Kameron Tarry – Directing Manager of Avena Originals




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