Dear Avena: Why do my Enzymes smell like black licorice?

As we are always on the leading edge of enzymes therapy and supplementation, our shift to a 100% raw wholefood base has been in the works and development for many years. This rolled out last year and includes many raw whole foods that intensify the enzymes and benefits without increasing the costs.

One of these whole foods is Fennel, which is packed full of nutrients and benefits. It soothes the stomach, allows people who are usually very sensitive to enzymes to try them and also, a way for enzymes to function better in the presence of ulcers or gastritis. Fennel has a natural black licorice flavor which is also a dominant flavor, you can smell and taste it right away. 

We have been listening and have heard many of you struggling with the flavor. Although we feel fennel really adds to the power and function of the Enzymes, we are removing it from future blends. 

I just want everyone to know it was added to improve enzymes and the results have been very promising. We want to thank you for your patience as we work out some of these issues. I did not foresee so many having such a strong objection to the Fennel seed.  

 If you are one of those who dislike the Fennel, our Enhanced Enzyme powder is made without it, and still available. 


Thank you for understanding

Kameron Tarry