Check out this video produced by DirtTv called beyond the Bike.

Lacy Kemp and Jasper Wesselman have pointed their collective lens at Darren Berrecloth for the next in DirtTV’s series, Beyond the Bike. 

One of the best known names in the MTB world Bearclaw has built it himself, from spending his time behind his house digging to understanding what and who a rider needs to be for sponsors. Darren is pro and everything he has put into the sport shines through his riding. 

Darren Bearcloth came to Avena Originals looking for a partnership, He was after the highest quality and cleanest natural health products he could find. Realising that to stay competitive in mountain biking he has to stay healthy, each race he misses or any downtime he experiences is devastating for his career.

Darren Bearcloth has chosen Avena Originals to fuel his health, We are excited about getting to know Darren and together inspire other young athletes to be preventative when it comes to their health.