Could I do 100% Raw Living Foods for 30 days?

As I reflect on the crazy adventure I embarked on merely thirty days ago, I wonder was I crazy or was it crazy good?!

Let’s back up a bit to before I made the decision to go 100% raw. I spent a fair bit of time asking questions to Kameron from Avena and understanding our food in this modern world. I knew our factory made food was enzyme deficient. How else could we get tomatoes from China without them rotting, if they were picked ripe and ready to eat. I kept learning as Kameron shared his years of research and from his time spent learning the puzzle pieces to our bodies and how we need certain foods to function properly.

I was tired, emotional, frustrated, depressed and lacking joy in my life. I was ready for change but realistically I had convinced myself this was the way it was going to be.

How was it going to be… raw food or feeling overweight and not happy?

I started eating 100% raw living foods and what happened next I wasn’t exactly prepared for. I equipped myself with powerful Avena products that were going to make my change possible, Things like Enhanced EnzymesProteolytic ProbioticsHerb CocktailRP3, E-Fusion. I truly believe I couldn’t have done it without them!

The first week:

I was tired, foggy and feeling deprived of foods that I was used to or should I say addicted to. I was taking enhanced enzymes, herb cocktail to detoxify and tons of water. I wasn’t sure what I was doing or why exactly it was going to help. I had to remind myself daily that I wanted to feel better, be healthier and I knew it had to start from the inside out. Up to this point I was really just eating what I could. Which at this point was Avena RP3 Super Berry (protein powder), green smoothies and juice not to exciting right?!

As I went into the second week

My head cleared and I started feeling this excitement, joy, and I had energy! I wasn’t sure when the last time was that I had felt like this. I started trying new foods, I had so much gratitude for life and what has been provided for me, having trust in Kameron and feeling full of life. There was one event in the upcoming week that could have been a falling out with raw food. I had to attend a weekend camp with the 5-7 year old boy scouts. How was raw food going to fit in that? Having a plan and a friend to prep with was amazing. We made 7L of Lemon Ginger BlastRP3 Super Berry smoothies, nut crumble and tostadas. This actually was the first adventuress meal I had, it was amazing. Corn base dehydrated with guacamole, salsa, sunflower pepper paste, lettuce, and cashew cheese!! By keeping up with my supplements and all this wonderful raw living food I had energy to spare. So after a day with 20+ 5-7 year olds I had energy to spare on an impromptu workout!

Week three

With everything being so brand new to me I figured my third week couldn’t get better. I explored new recipes really following Kameron’s lead, could raw food ever get boring? The richness and depth in the foods were profound, I had this overwhelming feeling of gratitude for the knowledge that had been shared with me and the excitement to want to share it with everyone!

Being in my fourth week

Raw I was closing in on the 30 day, it made me ask questions of why would I end at 30 days? Could this keep getting better? This was a time for celebration a new recipe was in order ChipotleZoodles and CheeZe Cake.

One thing that I haven’t told you yet was I was allergic to almonds which had only come about in the past 4 years. Through taking enzymes, raw living foods and cleansing my body with herb cocktail, having better elimination and feeling confident with all the changes I tried almonds again. No reaction at all!

By the end of my thirty days I had learnt more about our bodies, what we truly need to not only survive but to thrive and live a full life. I lost 16 lbs but what I gained was truly profound peace, joy, excitementfor life and a sense of raw living foods being the passage to healing and health. I am thankful that Kameron shared his knowledge and experiences with me in a way that made it real, easy to understand and manageable with my busy life.

So will I continue with another thirty days? Absolutely!!

Update: It has now been 90 days and I have lost 42+ lbs and have a new found excitement for life that I never knew could exist!