Claiming My Health!

A Story of of a young girl taking responsibility for her health

There was a time in my life I felt powerless and unmotivated, almost as if the whole world was pushing against me. Growing up I was often plagued with: bronchial infections, recurring strep throat, allergies, asthma, food sensitivities and weight gain. These symptoms were severe until I was 13, this is when it was discovered that I had specific food allergies (potatoes, dairy and gluten). If I was diligent and kept these out of my diet all of my other symptoms became manageable.

A few years later I was granted an opportunity many young girls dream of; Wilhelmina Models offered me a very generous contract. Off I traveled to NYC, full of gratitude for an offer of this magnitude. The industry has strict requirements and size restrictions the models must meet. I was larger than they wanted; a feeling of unworthiness came over me. Beauty is not something that can be defined by the exterior; it needs to be felt within. Physically and mentally I wasn’t there and decided the contract wasn’t for me.

Away from the modeling industry, I still remained in the mindset that physical beauty related to health. My weight was never the right number; when I wanted to lose weight, I gained. I tried everything and felt as if I was moving in reverse. Eventually I had to drop modeling as my health had begun to suffer dramatically with frequent recurring kidney infections and cystic acne.

I reached a point where I wanted answers, and NOW! The internet was so misleading and it seemed so complex. I was being pulled in every direction. Then one fateful day a lady approached me, who I’m forever grateful for, and told me about Avena Originals. After struggling for 24 years, I finally had answers! The 5 simple principles of food, exercise, emotions, environment and Natural Health Products is what Avena stands by to live a healthy lifestyle. The body heals itself when we provide the necessary requirements. My mind was blown!

I took on the Avena lifestyle full force. After about six months the toxicity and chronic infections were gone, I was absorbing and assimilating my food properly and I had never felt better. Natural health is now a passion of mine that developed out of struggle and experiences. Feeling healthy is the greatest wealth “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” Lau Tzu.

This couldn’t be more true than when it comes to your health. My wish for you is to find value and motivation in reading this. There was a time in my life I felt powerless and unmotivated, almost as if the whole world was pushing against me. Soon to learn, I was wrong. Life was teaching me how to take my power back. I grew a hunger to learn and heal the body. This hunger is still present today as I wish to help many others understand the simple principles to health, happiness and longevity. ~ Julie Boyce (Now starting my adventure as a customer service Rep with Avena Originals)