Learn how each of us are creating bowel toxemia each day and how we can fight against it.

Bowel Toxemia is the root cause of almost all diseases. It is crucially important we understand what causes it and how it is created, by doing so we can start to make better choices to start preventing it. The following diagram will walk you through the creation of bowel toxemia. It all starts with cooked and enzyme void food. This prevents the proper breakdown of nutrients which then don’t get absorbed properly by your duodenum and begin putrefying & impacting in your small intestines. This process creates serious toxins like Indole, Skatole, Phenol, Cadaverine, Putrescine, Histamine, and many more.

These toxins are believed to be the root cause of an incredible large group of symptoms and diseases.

*Preventing Bowel Toxemia could be preventing disease.