Bowel Toxemia

Bowel Toxemia is a state where toxins are present in quantities too large to be eliminated by the current eliminations, causing massive re-absorption of toxins
into our bloodstream. This happens because the foods we eat like cause mucus and build up to form over our villi, the same villi that are responsible for absorbing our nutrients and eliminating our toxins. The protein we missed absorbing putrefy, our fats rancidity, and our carbohydrates ferment. All of these have dangerous toxic products.

The majority of these toxins have to be stored in our bodies. The safest place to store toxins is in body fat, so as our toxin level increases, so does the need or demand for more body fat! I know what you are thinking right now, you have a friend that eats like total garbage and yet physically looks amazing with little to no body fat on them. This, of course, doesn’t mean they are getting away with eating garbage; only their bodies are not adapted to storing toxins in fat and will likely be storing these toxins in organs. Honestly, I believe that body fat is a much safer place to store toxins and provides a lower risk of serious disease than toxic organs. Eating a diet high in processed foods without storing increased body fat will put a person at high risk for more health challenges earlier in life.

So what happens to these toxins coming from my digestive system? Ideally, your liver would neutralize them. In today’s world, that is impossible for most of us, according to research done as early as 1920’s* They found the average person was carrying an excessive liver burden, and toxins were present in numbers too great to neutralize. Imagine a 250ml glass as your liver, and it can process a maximum of 250ml of toxins before they spillover. When a toxin spills over it bypasses the liver and now has to be dealt with by other means, a couple of options are
1)make new fat cells and store it there, 2) store it in a weak organ tissue or gland that has damaged cells already. 3) Dump it into the intestines for elimination if the intestines are clear and mucus free. Maybe that is why we can’t lose weight like we should be able to.

The key here goes back to the cause, which was too many processed foods, mucus-forming foods, and indigestible foods, which is blocking the absorption of nutrients and eliminating toxins from our bodies. We have learnt that our bodies make and store toxins in fat, and the more toxins we have, the more fat we require. We also learnt that the liver is trying to help us by neutralizing these toxins, but can not keep up. I don’t mean to pick on our liver again, but this leads to another problem called Insulin Resistance.

With today’s society relying heavily on dairy and wheat products, it is almost virtually impossible to avoid mucoid plaquing (search it if you are brave) this mucus prevents our intestine from efficiently eliminating toxins. Leading to a build up and backup toxins in our systems which in return will lead to an increased need for fat cells to store these toxins. Bowel toxemia is a double-edged sword though, this mucus also prevents us from absorbing many of our nutrients leaving us feeling hungry and desiring more food. Then these unabsorbed foods putrefy and create more toxins and more mucus leading to a scary and vicious cycle.    Do you Have Intestinal Toxemia? Take this short quiz.


1. My stools are 75% of the circumference
of my wrist
2. My stools are length of my pinky
and thumb stretched out
3. My Stools have very little odor to them
4. My Stools are a light or medium brown colour
5. My stools do not require much for
tissue to clean with.
6. I Eliminate 3 or more times per day
7. I ate 80% raw and Fresh foods
8. I eat something out of a can, bag, jar,
or box less than twice a week.
9. I don’t have any allergies
10. I don’t experience much gas or burping
11. I don’t feel bloated after eating
12. I don’t experience headaches

False = 1 / True = 0 Total Score:

0-2 Not likely experiencing Bowel Toxemia

3-5 Likely experiencing Mild Bowel Toxemia

6-9 Experiencing Moderate Bowel Toxemia

10-12 Experiencing Serious Bowel Toxemia.


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