Kim Hartlin – E-fusion Man

Kim is an amazing, inspiring gentleman that I have the honor of calling my friend; his strength is second to none, you will hear stories of the treks and trips he does in India, in which, he surpasses the locals and even the Sherpa’s. He has an incredible connection to mother nature, and admirable respect for his environment.

It was a true pleasure to travel to Banff, AB and have Kim share his experience with Avena Originals, Enjoy some of the never before seen, behind the scenes photos from the set of “A New Life” DVD

“I don’t think I could have the strength and endurance I have, without the Avena Originals Products” ~ Kim Hartlin

We connected with Kim at the boat launch, where we rafted down the bow river. Kim recanted his experience as a child growing up and living with the Stoney Natives, and eventually recognized as the chief’s adopted son. This provided him with a lot of ancient wisdom on how to maintain health by using nature and pure products of nature.



“If you find something that works, stick with it” ~ Kim Hartlin

We pulled off the river and captured him talking about how important health is to him, and he revealed that his life savings have been put into his health. The moments of being surrounded with incredible beauty known as the Canadian rocky mountains while sharing a deep passion of nature and it’s benefits were memorable. When asked what is the one thing you really want to share with the viewers, he said If you find something that works stick with it.

“People of India refer to me as the Toco (E-fusion) man, as they see the incredible strength and endurance I have” ~ Kim Hartlin