I recently had the pleasure of flying down to Orange County, California to spend a week with Lou Corona!

It was a lot of fun to dive into living the 4 Principles and every day I spent fully immersed in them the greater my level of appreciation became. Lou Corona if you don’t know was fighting off death at the age of 21 years old, with a tumour on the back of his neck, asthma that was threatening his life, severe acne, and chronic constipation among many other issues. At his lowest point when he gave up full control of his life and prayed for answers he was gifted with these 4 principles, not knowing how to use them or what they really meant he left the medical system behind and found mentors that could teach and share this lifestyle with him. Within 6 months of embracing these lifestyles all his aliments were gone. He has not been sick a day since then and that was 41 years ago!

Here are the 4 Principles Lou lives his life by

  1. Communication – Focusing on positive communication and gratitude, declaring what you want to manifest in your life out loud everyday
  2. Environment – Getting outside and grounding yourself on the grass, dirt, or spending time with nature and sunshine
  3. Exercise – Movement, rebounding, yoga, acupressure, hot and cold showers
  4. Nutrition – 100% Raw Living foods, supplementing with Enzymes, Probiotics & Proteins

One might expect that flipping into this instantly would be very difficult, it is a drastic change from the way we live most of our lives every day! I had no problems, never once did I feel deprived. In fact, it was quite the opposite, I felt amazing! Each day my thinking became clearer, digesting and absorbing my food was better than ever. As a bonus, I found I was losing weight & loving myself more. It has now been 10 days since I first fully immersed myself in Lou’s 4 Principles. Now after a week in California where fresh organic food is in abundance, I am making it a point to continue to eat 100% raw organic living foods while at home. It’s a little more effort, but very much worth the reward. It’s good to know that even up here in Canada I can continue to stay true to the 4 principles!

It is definitely easier to live this lifestyle in California, where you have access to amazing raw food restaurants, here are some of the many I visited

  1. Aulac – Great food, large portions and Lou Corona does a talk here every Tuesday evening. Try the Tostada or Dragon Rolls if you go there!
  2. 118 Degrees – Jenny Ross restaurant in Orange County Urban fun and the food was rich and full of flavour!
  3. Julianno’s Raw – This was the highlight amazing food, we had the tortilla soup that blew my senses away followed by a Raw vegan nacho plate that was better than any other version I have ever had!
  4. Rawkin Juice – Freshly squeezed juices, & salads!
  5. Cafe Gratitude – This place is in Venice and was buzzing with people, Fresh Juices raw and cooked menu, at the bottom of my plate was a question waiting for me (What are your Grateful for?).
  6. Lou’s Personal Kitchen – Probably the best of the restaurants, we were the only guests while Lou prepared some amazing dishes for us, Thank you Lou!


Inspired by these amazing gourmet raw living dishes I challenged myself when I got home!


I created a corn tostada, then made a bean dip out of sesame seeds, Lime/garlic guacamole, homemade salsa, cultured pine nut yoghurt made with Avena Originals Proteolytic Probiotic, layered it together to make a beautiful and very tasty Tostada that was inspired and taught to me by Lou Corona. I added my own filing with a homemade hot sauce which was just red chilli peppers, lemon and blended into a cream sauce. This Tostada not only tasted great, it was fun like a taco or pizza, and the kids really enjoyed building it! Having raw food that’s naturally high in Enzymes and adding to this the yoghurt with active Proteolytic Probiotics makes this food incredibly bioavailable!

I am convinced that this way of life can offer us the health and vitality that the world is searching for! Embrace this change, make it apart of who you are and you will never look back!

I will take these things I learned seriously and embrace them into my life, I am working on creating a Declaration for my life, and you should too!