1. We do not advertise, promote or sell the dream of financial freedom like MLM

Unlike most MLM companies where you hear 95% about how awesome and profitable their marketing plan is and very little about the product itself, usually these companies have an average product that they are marketing through an aggressive multi level marketing program. Avena Originals has an amazing medical grade Natural Health Products and most people don’t even know there is a marketing program attached to it.

2. We focus on health, healing and education

I have never found a MLM company that will spend the time and effort on education and information that Avena Originals does. When the focus becomes all about money and fast quick sales this will often leave the customer unsupported afterwards.

3. We do not pay Commissions like MLM

Avena Originals offers rebates back on your purchases; similar to cars sales, Costco and many other types of locations. These rebates are based on a percentage from your groups purchases as well as your own.

4. We do not Sponsor, Signup people, or have Down Lines like other MLM.

Avena Originals does collect referral information, but this is not mandatory for you to purchase our product. People are often referred to Avena Originals when they are looking for healing, healthy lifestyles or the best Natural Health Products. So with Avena you refer your friends-you do not sign them up. Giving you a group of referrals but no Down Lines.

5. You can purchase directly from Avena Originals

Every M.L.M. company I am familiar with you have to buy through a distributor. You can tell this if the companies main website has information but does not let you by directly without going through one of their MLM participants.

6. No Membership fees or Annual fees to purchase Avena products

You can call Avena and purchase the products at any time without any commitment, enrollment or membership fees. MLM companies will require you to be a part of their special club and that will cost you money up front.

7. No forced automatic shipments

A majority of MLM companies will require you to enroll in an auto ship program where you will be charged and shipped product every month. While Avena does have an Auto Ship capability it is completely optional and only presented by our staff when asked about different methods of purchasing.

8. Avena Originals products are sold in health food stores

MLM companies generally do not want their products purchased in stores. But rather limited transactions through their distributors (so their distributors get paid). Avena Originals has numerous wholesale stores all over Canada that market directly to the public without forcing people through distributors.

Experience an Honest, Transparent, approach to Network Marketing that is based on integrity!

I hope you can see how Avena Originals stands out in the MLM crowd. While we do use Network Marketing to help share the educational aspect behind these high end medical grade Natural Health Products, we do not use it like the majority of MLM companies who promise large incomes or huge returns. People need to be informed why they should invest in a top of the line ultra clean natural product more than the average product found in health food stores. At Avena we feel there is more value in a high quality product that works versus the dream of becoming a millionaire.