Kim Hartlin

Kim Hartlin is a true example of the power behind Avena Originals products

“I made it into India safe and sound. With 70 lbs of Avena product! I am in my place in New Delhi &  training super hard – 3 hrs a day. Getting ready to head up to the river next week, I have 2 Brahmaputra Expeditions and 1 Subansari expedition this season! Extremely tough terrain, I will have to train very hard. I am pounding RP3 and E-Fusion (Toco), Super Food. Cheers from the TOCO MAN !!!! ~Kim Hartlin.”

Who is Kim Hartlin?

Kim Hartlin is someone has has dedicated his life to his health for the last 20 years. In his 40’s he projected forward to the life he wanted to have in his 60’s, He devised his plan to achieve that dream and put it into motion.

“If you find something that works, stick with it” ~ Kim Hartlin

After doing his research he joined forces with Avena Originals. He has tried so many different companies, products, lifestyles, and after using the Avena products he was quoted saying “There is something very SPECIAL about this company & products!”. If you ever get the opportunity to meet Kim in person it is a very inspiring person, he is stronger than any 60 year old I have ever met. He is humble, loves the earth and all mankind.

“There is something very SPECIAL about this company & products!”

Kim Hartlin can be found in the summers n Banff, AB rowing inflatables down the Bow River. Come each fall he packs his bags (70lbs of Avena Products) and heads over to India where he guides people on extreme adventures, such as rafting the Brahmaputra or trekking deep into the wilderness of India.

“I don’t think I could have the strength and endurance I have, without the Avena Originals Products” ~ Kim Hartlin

In India he is known as the TOCO Man.

Kim exceeds everyone’s expectations he is strong yet very gentle, passionate yet compassionate. Here is a guy that uses 16+ tablespoons of E-Fusion everyday. By combining this with RP3 he has created incredible strength so much so that he is out performing many of the local India Sherpa’s and earning the name TOCO Man. Toco is the previous name for E-Fusion, which was short for Tocotrienol Complex, Tocotrienols are forms of Vitamin E, the formula is the same, the name is focused around the Vitamin E now.

Looking for an adventure, plan a trip with Kim Hartlin at www.kimhartlin.com