If you are sick, it’s because you made yourself sick!

All health begins and ends in the digestive tract (mouth, stomach, small & large intestines). Everything that goes into the body or out of the body is decided through this delicate passageway. Considering the majority of the nutrients that we consume are released into the body via the intestines it is imperative that we take proper care of this area. The colon, as well as rest of the digestive tract, is the most vital to your well being or most dangerous to your illness. How you treat it will be a reflection of your health.

It is time we discover a cause of disease.

“The digestive tract is the most vital to your well being or most dangerous to your illness.”

When the integrity of the large intestine begins to show even slight deterioration, it will result in significant losses to the body as a whole. If you are not achieving total digestion and proper assimilation of your foods, then it doesn’t matter how great your diet it – your body isn’t getting it. Compounded onto this if you’re not eliminating the excess buildup problems will occur.

“We naturally have a desire to eat healthy foods to achieve health, but take a step back and make sure that all that hard work you’re doing is resulting in progress. If you are committed to your health and creating a lifestyle to reinforce a strong and healthy body, don’t you want the benefit of your healthy choices to reflect those decisions?” ~Kameron Tarry Holistic Educator

How does this translate into the body as a whole? It means everything stems from the health and functioning of this digestive tract. So to find any dis-ease that is unrelated to this network is almost impossible.

The relationship has been witnessed for years. As far back as the 1900s studies were being published about the linkage of overall intestinal and digestive health to various illnesses such as; cancer, allergies, asthma, eczema, high/low blood pressure, heart disorders, anaemia, acne, diabetes, the list could go on and on.

What is empowering to realize is that you can do have the power to do something about it. It’s not genetic, or out of your control. It is in your hands – literally.

Feeding your system life promoting food is quintessential. Pair that with practising good colon health and you are on your way to wellbeing! What are these tools that you can use to improve your digestive tract? It’s choosing the right foods and encouraging your colon to work more efficiently. There are some helpful food options available such as: eating fermented foods (healthy bacteria), eating foods that gel or are naturally fibrous will encourage peristalses, consuming more raw living foods for easier digestion and not to be forgotten is pure, clean spring water.

When you’re looking at options outside of food, an entire digestive tract.

  1. Enhanced Enzymes will liquefy your foods allowing for increased absorption and lower digestive stress levels.
  2. Proteolytic Probiotics will work in two key aspects; they will set up a gut with predominantly positive bacteria while at the same time completing the digestive action. (By having good bacteria doing this you decrease the chances of developing auto-toxaemia or other health disorders exponentially.) The last step is to cleanse and keep the bowels functioning at peak performance.
  3. Products like the Herb Cocktail do a fantastic job at naturally and safely removing excess waste before it can cause serious problems.

By ensuring that all potential waste is exiting the body is paramount to achieving wellness. If the bowels become sluggish, the buildup will slow down not just the digestive tract but the entire body. Why are all the focus on the foods we eat and the colon? It’s because these are your first and last line of defence (or offence depending on how you look at it) for overall health.

It’s empowering to know that the choices you make directly affect the health of your intestines and therefore the entire body. So go ahead, choose life, choose to build your body up and make it strong.