The Avena Experience

What does it truly take to heal? It is more than diet & exercise. Avena truly believes it takes entire lifestyle. One that has been proven to help individuals overcome disease and illnesses of all kinds.

Recorded July 7, 2020

How we Create Disease

Our health is at the worst it has ever been, with young adults fighting and struggling with health issues no generation before ours has ever had to. 25 years of experience helping these individuals learn how to heal themselves has provided Avena Originals with a unique insight into what they believe is the root cause behind all of these diseases!

Recorded July 14th 2020

You are Being Poisoned

So many food additives today meet the requirements to be called poisonous. We have no idea what the combination of multiple food additives are doing together, and could be potentially dangerous. Explore many of the controversial additives and become a better informed shoppers through watching this webinar.

Recorded July 21, 2020

A Powerful Healing Force

Unlock the Incredible Potential of Natural Healing with Enzymes! There is a link that is universally present in all diseases, believed to be a major contributing factor in every disease in the 21 century. Yet you hardly hear about enzymes, what they can do and how you can use them to empower your bodies natural and powerful ability to heal itself. Avena Originals is the leading enzyme brand on the marketing and with their unique expertise on enzymes, they are able to deliver education that is second to none!

Recorded July 28, 2020

The Truth About Proteins: 30 min.

No other species on this planet cooks its food! Do you know what happens if they did? Heating proteins has a very real and damaging effect, discover the science behind it and why it is crucial for our health that we consume more raw protein sources. Explore this topic and hear from Kameron, Darren Bearcloth "The Claw" and several other professional athletes that have embraced the high plant protein lifestyle.

Recorded August 11, 2020

Maximize Your Product Potential.

Avena Originals has created the single most powerful lineup of products to deal with gut health. Do you know how to use them in combination with each other, or how some can enhance or cripple others? Tune in to this webinar to hear about the details and make sure you are getting the most out of your products. You will learn about ways to enhance and supercharge certain processes and how the wrong combinations could be negatively affecting your results.

Recorded August 28, 2020

Weight Loss - Toxic Fat

No generation before this one has experienced anywhere near the problem of obesity as we do today. We exist in a situation where the body is being forced to added body fat for the pure purpose of toxic buffers, protecting your organs, tissues and glands. In this state limiting calories, exercise and many other tried and tested methods will fail, and regardless of your best efforts you will continue to gain weight.

Recording Aug 25, 2020 Subscribe Below

Natural immunity in troubled times.

There’s a lot of fear going around because there’s a virus that we can’t see that’s ravaging the globe. The world is sick and hurting right now, and so are it’s people. The best we can do is to take care of ourselves and keep our bodies strong. To batten down the hatches as it were. Don’t fret, there are many things we can do naturally to support ourselves. It all begins with what we eat. Keeping the diet clean and filtered from things that will dampen the immune system is the best ‘first place’ to start! This really breaks down into simple parts, what we can add and what we’ll remove.

Recorded Sept 1, 2020

What will your story be?

Be inspired by these powerful and engaging stories of people overcoming serious diseases, and illnesses. They will tell their stories, but the real question is what will your story be?

Live broadcast Sept 8, 2020 Subscribe Below


90% OF PEOPLE ARE INFECTED WITHOUT KNOWING These pesky little organisms thrive by living in or on our bodies. We are usually completely unaware that we have become a never-ending smorgasbord for a party we weren’t invited to.

Recorded Sept 15, 2020 Subscribe Below

Quality Sleep

Quality Sleep Sleep is said to be the single most important part of healing. Yet so many of us are struggling with sleep, we have a hard time falling asleep, or constantly toss and turn, or wake up still very tired but unable to fall back asleep. We will explore several aspects to sleep and talk about nutrients that can be used to improve sleep.

Recorded Sept 22, 2020

The Power in Proteolytics:

Not all probiotics are created equal, and many are not worth the money your spending. Learn the importance of the types of strains in your probiotics, understand the difference and essential need of having quality strains as a higher priority than the quantity of CFU’s. Probiotics might just hold the secret to unlocking the future of natural health. Bring yourself up to speed on many of the newer findings in the world of probiotics.

Recorded Aug 4, 2020