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Come Alive

Dr. Bernard Jensen has been teaching that minerals are the heart of any balanced nutritional regimen for nearly 60 years. His success as a clinical nutritionist overseeing live-in patients at his health ranch near Escondido, California, is legendary. He has lectured before audiences of doctors and lay people in many parts of the world and has authored over 40 books in the health field. He knows what minerals, trace elements and electrolytes do, and he knows what they can do for you. The evidence is increasing almost daily that nutritional deficiencies are associated with the onset of diseases. Dr. Jensen's favorite teach, Dr. V.G. Rocine, was teaching that message in the 1930s and the 1940s. That kind of foresight builds credibility. Here's what Dr. Jensen is saying now: "I believe when a body is fatigued to the extreme, it cannot absorb the minerals, trace elements and electrolytes from foods as it should.. I believe this is the beginning of starvation, accompanied by a reduced ability to repair and rebuild at the cellular level. Loss of nutritional balance begins right here. Right here is where disease walks in and makes itself known by a myriad of symptoms and a variety of diseases. I mean all diseases" Dr. Jensen is his own best student. When he was diagnosed with prostate cancer three years ago, he had the courage to stick to his convictions and fight the disease with nutritional means. Just after test showed the cancer was under control, he was in a major automobile accident that left him paralyzed from the hips down. Again, he pulled through the agony and apparent hopelessness of his situation with courage, determination and special nutritional support.


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Cindi Leighton - Life Changing

We have an eight-year-old son, who had been diagnosed with ADHD and could not sit still!

He struggled with school work, reading, and sitting for long car rides, which left the people in his life frustrated with him and the situation. Finally, we had a consult with Kameron at Avena Originals; he suggested focusing on his diet, and so we removed food dyes, processed sugar, and wheat. Kameron also suggested some key tools from Avena, one of them was E-Fusion and was a game changer for us!

Al Wilson - The Peoples Champion
How does Al dominate competitors half his age?

When the passion you enjoy takes its toll on your body on a regular basis, you have to take note, step back and do what you can to ensure you can keep doing what you love, most especially if you’re above 40…or 35. That’s what exactly happened to Al Wilson when he found out the importance of nutrition and alkalinity truly was to keep him on the podium. When you’re a dad and husband being on top isn’t the most important thing, it’s family. It’s not just Al (the pro Motorcross racer) using the Avena products but the whole Wilson family!

Dorian Van Rijsselberge

GOLD Medalist in London & Rio | Windsurfing RSX.

I used the Avena Originals incredible products during my training for the Olympics and they blew my mind away! These were game changers for me and I am sure a huge part of my GOLD medals!

Everyone should be using this! If they are not they are stupid, like serious this will change your life! My two favourite products are the RP3 Proteins & Pin Magnesium, It is almost like having super powers!

Darren Berrecloth *BearClaw*
You don't have to degenerate because of your age Your body is an amazing machine and if you take care of it it will take care of you! I am a slope style free rider and I take on the toughest terrain in the world. MY health and my body is my livelihood, Using Avena Originals was a NO BRAINER when I wanted the best out there! The differences I have seen in my health and the health of my family is incredible, I am often left confused on how many people take their health for granted.

With Avena I am now healing faster than I ever have, which in my world is everything!

Kim Hartlin - Extreme Expedition Guide

Avena Originals has something really special
I am in my 60's and I row inflatables 11hrs per day and then hit the gym for 3 hours every evening. I am like a freight train and unstoppable. I run circles around my son's and every other guide I work with. None of this would be possible without Avena's Products.

I am so blessed to be able to use Avena Originals to keep me strong and healthy while I guide people down the largest rivers in India and up into the remote parts of the mountains! Thank You Avena

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