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Healing beyond expectations

It happened so fast! I ended up in emergency and turned out I had a serious infection it was suggested it was “the big c” with no time to spare I was rushed in for surgery Moments before surgery I asked the surgeon “what are my chances?”  He replied, IF(pause) you come through, you will be flat...

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Dr Bernard Jensen Story

Discover the powerful story testimony of the famous Dr. Bernard Jensen. Who used 500 Enzymes & 200 Probiotics per day to natural recover from Cancer

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Ruth Ball, Edmonton, AB

A Trip to the Doctors In February 2016 I went into the Doctors office as I was having an issue with my heart since November and thought it was time to have it checked out. I had to go for a blood test which came back that my iron was deficient, my red blood cells were tiny, and thyroid was hype...

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