Medical Mystery - Failing Digestive Tract


My devastating ill-health journey started in 2010 when I began to struggle to digest anything, with even whole foods and baby food often causing extreme gas, bloating, cramping, and abdominal pain. During at least two of my later trips to the ER the gas was causing enough chest pain that they hooked me up to an ECG machine to make sure I wasn’t having heart issues. 


By early 2016 my health was failing badly, and after having done every test the doctors could think to do and a few of them multiple times, without finding any causes or solutions, my son took me to Mexico for treatment at a specialized medical clinic. 

I felt somewhat better for a few months after those treatments but then started to decline drastically again, with my weight falling from 109lbs to 84lbs, losing 25lbs in 3 weeks while I was only able to consume small amounts of fluids.
I was again unable to find any answers or solutions in the medical system, with my doctor telling me that they didn’t know how to help me. 

We had been suspecting that my Gallbladder might be part of the cause, and although a surgeon in Alberta said he would be willing to remove it, because the tests didn’t show high-risk signs the wait time would be at least a couple of months, and I wasn’t sure I would survive that long. I was feeling extremely hopeless again before we decided to go back to Mexico, with my youngest daughter escorting me at that time. While there my Gallbladder was removed, and although it seemed to help in some ways, the majority of my problems were unchanged, some got worse, and I was still struggling to eat enough to even keep my weight steady, never mind regain any. 

I remember lying on the floor in agony, which had unfortunately become very common, with my daughter beside me trying to find an answer. She had grabbed an Alive magazine from our local health store while picking up some new products to try, and while reading it she came across Kameron’s story of his mom and her health struggles.
We had nothing to lose, so after reading that story we decided to try the Avena enzymes.

I will never regret placing that first order! It has been almost 3 years since I started on this journey with Avena products and I’m now able to digest foods that I haven’t been able to in years, I’m up to 118lbs, and I’m feeling alive again!!

In November 2019 I had an extremely invasive shoulder surgery to repair multiple torn tendons. Afterwards, I started taking E-Fusion and P.I.N. Magnesium, along with the other Avena products I was already using. And my surgeon thinks that my healing is progressing quickly, being about 2 months ahead of what he would’ve expected based on the severity of the injury and the complexity of the operation. 

I will be forever grateful for Kameron’s story and the amazing Avena products, and how they have helped in my beautiful healing journey. 

-Chadie Gerbrandt.