Healing beyond expectations

It happened so fast!

I ended up in emergency and turned out I had a serious infection it was suggested it was “the big c” with no time to spare I was rushed in for surgery
Moments before surgery I asked the surgeon “what are my chances?”  He replied, IF(pause) you come through, you will be flat on your back the rest of your life” he was looking at a man that hardly any energy and as a nurse described me as “semi-comatose” at that time.

Looking for Hope

I called Avena Originals as they have been so powerful in others healing journeys, I decided to take enzymes and probiotics at very large quantities, I was up and walking much to the astonishment of the medical doctors, within 4 weeks!
Within 8 weeks I walked into the family doctor’s office unassisted. He could not believe it! His eyes just about popped out. Again and again, he asked me who helped me come to the clinic and carried me in? “Was it the taxi driver?” .... “No, I drove my VW Jetta TDI”  he was convinced I was hallucinating!

My Follow up Scans

Dec 20, 2019, I awoke with my left hand very tightly clinched. I finally forced it open thinking “I’m sure it wasn’t this way yesterday” as I stood up I discovered my left leg was immobile. Finally, at about 6 PM a stranger convinced me to go to the hospital ”they may be able to do something”.  They ran numerous tests ....not finding any hint of a stroke! BUT THEY DID FIND NO EVIDENCE OF ANY CANCER ANYWHERE IN MY BODY! My heavy dose of PROBIOTICS and ENZYMES worked! My doctor's suggestion was chemo and radiation, which I suggested we’d possibly look at in 6 months.
Long and short, I’d gone off the probiotics and enzymes, I don't know why maybe cost? I am now expecting to do it again, a second time, to restore my health completely!
Sincerely, Harvey Sager
*Disclaimer, Enzymes and probiotics are NOT a treatment for cancer or any disease, and you should discuss everything you are considering doing with your medical experts. Enzymes and Probiotics are food, which can be used by your body to help the natural healing process.