Dr Bernard Jensen Story


A Powerful Testimony to the Strength of the Avena Originals Formulations!

In one of his latest books, 'Come Alive!', the late Dr. Bernard Jensen included a special dedication to Avena's formulator, Michael O'Brien. This dedication reads, "To my dear friend, Michael O'Brien, who knew me when I was at my lowest ebb-at 85 pounds to now at 154 pounds, who saw my rejuvenation rise from nothing to something. Michael also knew me at my lowest time in spirit-when I had nothing to live for. He helped bring me back to serve God and man more than ever through a second chance to live." Here is Bernard Jensen's story, as we understand it, as told by Michael O'Brien who walked through this miraculous journey with Dr. Bernard Jensen: Bernard and Michael knew each other from years earlier when Michael was the director of two medical clinics in Los Angeles, and Bernard managed a holistic clinic just a few blocks away. They used to jokingly argue about whose approach was better-allopathic or holistic.

Dr. Jensen Gets Cancer

Bernard Jensen

Years later, at the age of 85, Dr. Jensen became the patient, due to his lifestyle involving a lot of airline travel, long hours, restaurant food, disrupted sleep, etc., he became sick. While in Hawaii at the Queen's Medical Center Hospital Bernard was informed he had cancer. His Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) registered over 1,600 while normal was 0 to 4. The doctor said he would die unless he went the conventional medical route, using chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, etc. When he became so sick that he could no longer help himself, his wife Marie called their dear friend, Michael O'Brien. Dr. Jensen was down to just 84 pounds, and cancer had metastasized into his bones, and he was on unlimited amounts of morphine for pain. In her conversation with Michael, Mrs. Jensen advised that the doctor treating Bernard had left for Fiji, and as far as he was concerned, Bernard was already dead.

No Hope Left

Employees and family members had already been in to say their last goodbyes. Michael suggested Mrs. Jensen contact some of the best doctors that he knew with hospital privileges. But Mrs. Jensen could not find one doctor willing to treat Dr. Jensen. Why? When these doctors took a look at Dr. Jensen's medical records, they realized that there was nothing they could do to help him, and no one wanted to be the last doctor to treat him, after all, he was a very famous man.

Michael O'Brien Helps Jensen find a reason to live!

So Michael, even against the advice of his family members, flew in to see Dr. Jensen. They took Bernard off the morphine long enough so that he could talk to Michael. In a very broken voice, his first words to Michael were "I just want to die!" After spending a couple of hours talking about all the 'great-doctors' they both knew that had all passed away, Michael said to Bernard "You know doc, one of these great men needs to stand up and show the world, that even in the state you are in it is possible to have victory over cancer." The doctor nodded his head and agreed. Michael looked down at Dr. Jensen and said: "Guess what, you're the last of the great-greats left-it's up to you doc!" Dr. Jensen accepted this as a challenge. He agreed that he needed to show the world that even in his state, it was possible to have victory over cancer using natural methods. With Bernard's new found will and purpose to live, Michael knew that Bernard's body could heal by simply 'Cleaning and Feeding the Body'. What is interesting to note is, here's a man that wrote the book on the bowels, and here he was lying there extremely miserable because he had not had a bowel movement for 15 days. They were still feeding him three meals a day, trying to fatten him up, because he was just skin and bones. But Michael knew that the first thing he needed to do was to clean his bowels and get the bowels moving again. So Michael gave him a cold-oil enema. After a couple of days continuing the enemas, Dr. Jensen's bowels were finally moving.

Introduction to Enzymes & Probiotics

Michael knew that there are only two things in the body that are the workers, and he merely had to look down at Dr. Jensen's body to see that he had NO workers. What are these 'Workers'? Two things-Enzymes and Probiotics. To give Dr. Jensen a fighting chance in his condition, they had to immediately start loading his body with these workers! So Michael instructed Bernard's wife Marie to give Dr. Jensen as many Enhanced Digestive Enzymes and Proteolytic Probiotics as possible. For the first few weeks, Marie gave Dr. Jensen as many as 500 Enzymes and 200 Probiotics per day. He was on a feeding tube so his wife would fill these feeding bags with enzyme and probiotics. Her fingers were blistered from opening capsules and filling feeding bags.

Why so many enzymes & probiotics?

Why so many? Well, the answer is quite simple. When you have a large 5,500 room hotel that needs to be constructed within a few months, you know that it cannot be accomplished with just a few contractors and few workers. But instead, you need hundreds of contractors and workers at that job site daily to meet your deadline! The very same scenario applies to the body ... His wife Marie continued to load Dr. Jensen's body with hundreds of contractors (Enzymes) and hundreds of workers (Proteolytic Probiotics) every day! Here is what happened:

  • On the 2nd week - Michael slipped a pillow under the doc's back so he could sit up and start to drink without a straw.
  • On the 3rd week - Dr. Jensen was conducting business over the telephone and wrote a letter to Michael telling him how good it felt to be able to retake a shower.
  • On the 4th week - Dr. Jensen walked to the door to greet Michael when he flew in; he wanted to show Michael how well he was doing.
  • On the 5th week - Michael took Bernard out for a ride in the country to look at the eagles, he knew this would cheer him up.
  • On the 6th week - Michael took Bernard out for dinner.
  • On the 7th week- Michael couldn't fly in due to other obligations.
  • On the 8th week- Dr. Jensen and Michael O'Brien were out hiking
  • on Bernard's ranch with NO SIGN OF PROSTATE CANCER! Bernard was out-hiking Michael, and Michael joked that they needed to turn back before Bernard would have to carry him back!

Tragedy Strikes Again

Then, just six weeks after their hike, Dr. Jensen and Marie went out for dinner with their good friends Gavin McLeod (who played the captain on the TV series "The Love Boat") and his wife. On their way home, they were hit by a large truck, leaving Gavin's Cadillac demolished entirely! Everyone else walked away, but Dr. Jensen was buckled in the front seat and took the brunt of the impact! He was paralyzed from the hips down.

Never to walk again

Six months after this accident, Dr. Jensen's wife called Michael to tell him what had happened. They had just received a report from the doctor stating that Bernard would never walk again. Bernard wanted Michael to come to see him. Michael encouraged Dr. Jensen to continue with the massive amounts of Enzymes and probiotics, plus now add a new product that he had just finished formulating, his E-Fusion Complex.  Within only 16 weeks, while using 12 tablespoons of E-Fusion every day Dr. Jensen was dedicating his first steps to Michael O'Brien. The picture to the left is Dr. Jensen standing beside his wheelchair with a 'FOR SALE' sign. It's a powerful testimony to the power the human body has to heal itself when we provide the body with the tools it needs to regenerate.

The purpose of this story is not to suggest that enzymes or probiotics can cure cancer or paralysis, as we do not believe this is the case. We think that enzymes and probiotics are powerful tools needed by the human body to heal. Dr. Bernard Jensen's body was able to regenerate and repair itself under extreme conditions, Enzymes and Probiotics were merely part of the process needed for the human body to achieve it.