Al Hromek – Pancreatic Cancer

In January of last year (2013) my wife and I were directing schools for pastors in Haiti. On January 7th I woke up all yellow.

My yellow colour and my big stomach was all the evidence he needed for his diagnosis. 

We still had 6 weeks of work to do in Haiti, We promised one of the doctors we would have a check in Providence near Boston where the Hospital confirmed that I had Pancreatic Cancer. When we got home to Kelowna they put a stint from my gall bladder to let the bile flow and then they drained 18 litres from my abdomen.

They wanted me to go to the cancer clinic and get chemo & radiation. I told the doctor I would be okay. We increased our Avena Originals products like, Enzymes, Herb Cocktail, Electric C, Toco, Probiotics. We went 100% raw living foods, Around March 22 a follow up appointment with my doctor, The blood tests showed that the cancer was almost gone.

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— Al Hromek – Pancreatic Cancer