Does Disease Begin in the Colon?

Are your health problems linked to an unhealthy colon? Does immunity really start in the colon? Good health can only be achieved when there is an understanding of what truly causes the many health problems plaguing us today. The digestive system is the first line of defense against illness, and yet the most often ignored—until there is a problem. Using a very effective Bowel Cleanse and Support daily – Avena’s Herb Cocktail – is crucial. As stated, poor bowel management lies at the root of most health problems.

The human suffering and the social, medical, and economic costs of gastro-intestinal diseases and disorders, that have become so common here and in the United States, are nothing short of enormous – representing a huge share of our annual healthcare expenditure, as well as a large loss in productivity. Up to 100 million North Americans suffer from intermittent forms of digestive diseases with the estimated total cost in lost work, lost wages, and medical costs at over $50 billion per year.

The estimation is that some 200,000 workers miss work every day due to digestive problems. Health Statistics also show that more Americans are hospitalized due to digestive tract diseases than for any other group of disorders! The direct medical costs of these diseases are estimated to be $20+ billion a year. The annual sale of prescription and over-the-counter drug products used for digestive diseases is approximately $2 – 2.5 billion per year and has been growing at a steady 10% rate over the last decade.

The following breakdown, a “barometer” of sorts, adequately demonstrates the fact that these problems are a significant public health problem, contributing substantially to overall health care costs.

Laxatives – $850 – 900 million 
Antihermorrhoidals – $250 million 
Antidiarrheals – $100 million 
Antacids – $1 billion

The number one immunological organ in your body is your colon. It contributes to good health, vitality, and longevity. It will also contribute strongly to poor health, low energy, and serious health problems if toxic wastes are allowed to accumulate, which then start a whole host of health problems. Cancer of the colon and rectum (Colorectal Cancer) is the second most common form of cancer overall in the United States (exceeded only by lung cancer). This year alone, there will be approximately 150,000 new cases in that country and approximately 60,000 related deaths. Perhaps as many as one in every 10 of today’s Americans will die of this disease. HEALTH PROBLEMS DIRECTLY RELATED TO THE COLON Less obvious results of accumulated toxic waste in your colon are low energy levels, aches, pains, memory problems, water retention, and lack of concentration, fatigue, and yes bad breath.

As your eating habits worsen, so does your elimination efficiency. If you are eating 2 to 3 normal size meals, you should have 2 or 3 bowel movements a day. Additionally, a normal bowel movement should be over ½ the width of your wrist, it should be the consistency of toothpaste; and, because everything in it has been properly digested, it should float, it should not soil the tissue paper, it should be a medium brown colour (no old dark material), it should not have a foul smell, and your gas should not smell. Now there’s a goal! Ignoring any warning signs is costly. Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s disease, and that’s not all….. Many, if not most, of the list of disorders mentioned, have become characteristic of modern Western civilization. Available evidence suggests that most, if not all of these disorders were rare or uncommon in the Western world less than one hundred years ago and that the prevalence of each has greatly increased during the last 50 years. What’s more, for years now researchers (such as Cleave, Trowell, Burkitt, and others) have known that these diseases are almost unheard of in the communities that still adhere to their traditional way of life. In developing countries in Asia and Africa, for example, documented evidence has proven the rarity there of diseases such as diverticular disease, appendicitis, bowel cancer, adenomatous polyps (multiple glandular tissue overgrowths), ulcerative colitis, varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis (clots), pulmonary embolism, hemorrhoids, and hiatus hernia. But as these countries develop and begin to adopt Western customs, a rise in the frequency of these disorders follows almost just as surely as night follows day. They first appear, and then become common, in the upper socioeconomic groups and in the more urbanized communities (which are, of course, the first groups to become “Westernized”).



A Prime Example:

When your digestive tract is not functioning properly, your body has to make room to accommodate that growing pile of putrefied waste, which can harden and cause your colon to significantly expand in size to become what is referred to as a ‘mega-colon’. Elvis Presley was known to have battled congenital colon problems (congenitally twisted ganglionic fold in his intestine) for years and ended up extremely overweight. After his sudden death in 1977, four medical examiner doctors performed an autopsy on Elvis. According to an account based on their report, they noted that sections of his large intestine ranged from 3 ½ to 5” in diameter! (A normal colon for someone Elvis’s size is about 2”). As the medical examiners continued dissecting his colon, they found that “the mega-colon was jam-packed from the base of the descending colon all the way up and halfway across the transverse colon. It was filled with ‘white, chalk-like fecal matter”….” The impaction “had the consistency of clay and seemed to defy the doctors’ efforts with the scissors to cut it out.” The doctors believed that Elvis must have suffered discomfort from that fecal impaction as the fecal material would have caused the colon to stretch as it worked its way through. His diet of cooked food, his congenital colon problem, and his overuse of laxatives and prescription drugs were large contributing factors.

These factors have the concomitant effect of slowing down the digestive system.. Enzymes create the necessary digestion to protect the bowels and absorb the nutrients. Without digestion you create the one and only real basic disease— Intestinal Toxemia. Generally intestinal toxemia manifests itself as one of even more symptoms than those already listed: nervousness, endocrine disturbances, neuro-circulatory abnormalities, arthritis, sciatica and low back pain, allergy, asthma, eye, ear, nose and throat disease, cardiac irregularities, pressure on the prostate and pathological changes in the breasts, mental sluggishness, loss of concentration, irritability, exaggerated introspection, obsessions, excessive worry, and more!

Without the breakdown of food, starting with your saliva, then in the stomach and duodenum, the breakdown of health begins. Will I feel worse or better while detoxing the ‘garbage’ out of my system?? Changing your diet may result in misunderstanding as to what is going on in your body because sometimes the symptoms are similar to those in other health issues. To help in understanding, let’s look at playing softball with your kids. If you have not been getting regular exercise, the day after this activity you might not feel so good— tired, sore muscles, stiffness, etc. This is your body reacting to something it is not used to doing. You may see this same thing also when you stop a regular activity such as if you are a soda pop drinker and stop, you may notice you have less energy or even a headache—your body is reacting to your decision to change. In the same way, when we make a change in our diet through stopping a bad habit or by eating better, our cells begin releasing the stored toxic substances into the bloodstream which are then carried through the circulation system to be eliminated through bowel movements, the kidneys and bladder or through the skin. You may also find that once the toxins are diminished or gone, you absorb substances more easily. Thus the sugar or caffeine, etc might really set you off considerably more than before you started your positive changes. You may also find that the symptoms come in cycles, feeling great, and then detoxing symptoms, feeling great and then detoxing symptoms as the body “goes deeper” to find more toxins to eliminate. Realize that your body is simply cleaning itself.


Obviously, the best thing to do is to commit yourself to a change in your diet by decreasing or eliminating highly-refined flours and sugars (processed or cooked carbohydrates), processed foods, items with partially hydrogenated oils, and fried foods, etc. In contrast, help your whole system by increasing the amount of good water you drink, raw vegetables and fruits in your regime, by making delicious salads, raw soups, etc, and also by consistent good exercise. Be consistent in taking your Herb Cocktail powder or capsules twice daily. Herb Cocktail is one of the most effective support and cleansing products available because it honours the electrical formula of each plant used—it contains various combinations of dietary fibre, a special combination of herbs, and it is electrically available for the electricity of your body to recognize as food. Formulation is everything – and it is important to have a variety of dietary fibres, since different types of fibre add different benefits in the bowel.

The various special herbs and herbal combinations used by Avena Originals are efficient, desirable, and recognized by Master Herbalists to be extremely beneficial in dealing with a wide range of gastrointestinal problems—and have been used in this way for hundreds of years Bowel problems do not happen overnight, allow time for your body to correct its situation.. Therefore, prevention must be a sustained, consistent effort over the course of your lifetime. In other words, you need to begin making the necessary changes now, and continue with them for the rest of your life. Your body always goes for quality so when food coming in is of higher quality for building than the present cells had, the body will discard the present cells to make room for those created by the higher-quality food. It is suggested that when you fill your plate at mealtime, 80% of the food on it be raw and the other 20% may be cooked (such as meat).

We hope this has highlighted the importance of cleansing the body – Start with paying attention to what you eat, that it is digested, that you are drinking plenty of water, and make sure you include Avena’s Herb Cocktail twice daily in as fresh orange juice as possible, on an empty stomach–best in morning and at bedtime. There is no doubt in our mind that if we are consistent in providing our bodies with the ability to cleanse daily and at the same time give the bowels healthy support, we will begin to see a rapid decline in the kinds and types of diseases and disorders that unnecessarily afflict us today.

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