Wanetta Beal

Wanetta Beal

Ultra Endurance Athlete

Wanetta is nothing short of amazing. Knowing her, you would think she had superior genetics and must have always had this kind of life... You would be wrong; there was a point her life she was miserable, very overweight, so much so she was often mistaken for being pregnant. Suffering from IBS and on track to be struggling with a significant disease early in life. 

That is when she met Grai Beal, and he said you don't have to live this way, you can change, I will show you the way, let's do this!

Fast forward to today, she has completed her bucket list, experienced more things than most of us ever hope to. She is a powerful woman of influence, personal trainer and health coach. 

If she can do it, so can you! What are your waiting for?


Alaska to Mexico
Biked from Alaska to Mexico to help herself lose weight

Vancouver Island to P.E.I
She biked from Vancouver island to P.E.I. on 100% raw living foods

Everest, Machu Picchu, Kilimanjaro
Hiking and Biking the great wonders!

3 Iron Man Tri-athalons in 72hrs
Ready to do a 4th when her support team pulled the plug

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