Edmonton Meeting - The Missing Link - Apr 11, 2018

Location: Edmonton,
AB Time: 2018, Apr 11 7:00 PM - 2018, Apr 11 9:00 PM
Price: $0.00
Number of Participants: 50
Registration Deadline: 2018, Apr 10 12:00 AM
Length of Lecture: Approx 2 Hours

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Quality Inn West Edmonton 17803 - Stony Plain Road

For More Info Call Gloria Ouellette:

(780) 962-0084

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Kameron Tarry - Vice President
rom Avena Originals

The Missing Link 

Discover the missing link that is responsible for 95% of all disease.

Discover the missing link that is responsible for massive amounts of ill-health around the globe. There is an underlying element that has been intentionally removed from almost all of the foods on our store shelves today. Why... for the purpose of increasing profits and shelf life! The unexpected consequences on our health are disastrous! No other aspects of our diets have this level of impact on our quality of life! Find out how you can reinstate this critical element to help you take back your health.