Fighting Breast Cancer Naturally

Last summer, I noticed a lump in my breast.  I immediately dismissed it.  I said to myself, my breasts are too small, and there is no cancer in our family.! 

Finally in late October, I thought I had better check it anyways.  Got the mammogram done ( had not done it in several years) And during this time, I told no one! 

Turned out that the lump came out suspicious. A biopsy was recommended.  I actually did not tell my family until after Xmas.  That was a shock and they were not happy with me at all.  

I knew a doctor that was western trained, also a naturopath, and also an expert in Chinese Medicine and acupuncture.  I went to see her and she gave me an acupuncture treatment and asked me to come to her healing center.  I did.  

On the fourth day there, we were watching a video on naturel healing.  I was so interested in this way of looking at the health issue. 

I had a very good friend who I spoke to often and she recommended that I try the Avena products since they are excellent for quality and purity.  She helped me to choose what might be good for me, and I also spoke to staff at Avena who also helped recommend products. 

In mid April, I finally had a lumpectomy. I have had many tests and there is no sign of cancer at all.  These tests were done through regular medical protocol.  But I have also seen my holistic doctor for two more acupuncture treatments and she said that my body is in great shape and that she believes I am one of the lucky ones that got it in time.  

I showed her all the Avena supplements I was taking and she approved.  There is also a muscle test you can do that shows when a medicine is good for you or not.  I did that and all the Avena supplements are all good for me!  

I sincerely feel that  they have made a huge difference and helped me and I will continue to take them everyday.  I intend to stay cancer free and feel Avena is the best choice to staying well.  I am very grateful to be able to have the help from Avena…every time I call ,they are excellent and very kind and helpful.