Amahra Jaxen


12 years ago I began feeling tired and my doctor did blood tests including TIBC, iron binding, and ferritin levels. Results were abnormal. I was diagnosed with genetic hemachromatosis and I was sent to a hematologist and began the regime of going to the hospital every second week for 600 mls of blood removal, six sessions in all, to bring my ferritin level down to normal. I decided to call Avena to see if they knew anything further about this as I was already using the products. Avena suggested  it was a disorder in breaking down proteins and fats through the liver and such suggested higher amounts of the Super Digestive Enzymes with each meal and Protease and Lipase between each meal. I did this faithfully for four months and at my one year check up with the hematologist he couldn’t understand why my blood results and iron stores were still normal yet I had not had any more bloodletting done. Clearly Avena is not just a company that cares about the quality of their health supplements, but a company who personally cares for the people who use their products. ~Amahra Jaxen

— Amahra Jaxen